50 Recipes To Tempt Your Teen to Eat More Fruit and Veggies

It turns out, the vast majority of high schoolers don't eat nearly enough fruit or vegetables

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 50 Recipes to Tempt Your Teen to Eat More Fruit and Veggies

So, here’s a statistic I’ll bet you didn’t know… the overwhelming majority of high school students nationwide haven’t met the recommended daily requirement for fruit and vegetables in YEARS.

Recommendations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture call for a minimum intake of 1.5 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetables for girls 14 to 18 years old and 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of vegetables for boys the same age. But according to the CDC, teens aren’t eating anywhere near that. 

In fact, according to one study, only 7.1% of high school students nationally are meeting the recommended daily intake for fruit and a mere 2% are meeting the recommended intake for vegetables. Yikes!

According to the study, the reason teens fall behind in the recommended fruit and vegetable intake is because they either don’t have access to healthier foods at home, they’re hitting the fast food lines far too much or they simply don’t like the taste of fruit or veggies.

But heads up parents, there’s a way you can change that! 

If you’re one of the millions of parents of teens who can’t seem to tempt their teen to eat more fruit and veggies, we rounded up a bunch of delicious recipe ideas that just might get your teen to turn the corner and actually start loving fruit and veggies. Plus, with your teen’s growing body, they need all the vitamins and nutrients they can get!

From a “too tempting not to eat” cookies and cream cheese fruit pizza to a delicious veggie flatbread that’s bursting with flavor, here are 50 recipes to tempt your teen to eat more fruit and veggies.

50 Recipes to Tempt Your Teen to Eat More Fruit and Veggies


DELICIOUS FRUIT RECIPES Your Teen Might Just Flip Over

Strawberry Pineapple Fruit Salad

Packed with pineapples and strawberries, there are a few hidden ingredients in this salsa that makes it ANYTHING but ordinary – jalapenos, red onion and Cilantro. Paired with taco chips, this is one healthy fruit snack your teens won’t be able to pass up. 

Get the recipe at The Stay at Home Chef HERE


Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing 

Even if your teen isn’t too keen on eating fruit, they might change their mind when they dive into this super delicious fruit salad with honey and lime dressing. The dressing turns this ordinary fruit bowl into extraordinary! Perfect for breakfast, an afternoon snack or to take in their lunch for school. 

Get the recipe at Kristine’s Kitchen Blog HERE


3-Ingredient Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark

This Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark is the ultimate refreshing treat. And, the best part is, it’s super easy to make – just three simple ingredients you probably already have on hand. 

Get the recipe at Courtney’s Sweets HERE


Fresh Fruit Waffle Cones (Top with Whipped Cream or a Chocolate Drizzle!)

Pass your teen one of these and chances are they’ll gobble it up in no time. And… add a little fresh whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate to the top and they won’t be able to resist!

Love this idea from Simply Live Love HERE


7-Layer Rainbow Fruit Popsicles

Okay, I’m not gonna lie… these take a bit of work. But, boy are they worth it! Filled with fresh fruit, your teen will love this refreshing treat without even realizing just how healthy they really are. Looking for a few more fruit popsicle ideas? Check out these 24 Homemade Fruit Popsicle Recipes

Get the recipe from The First Year Blog HERE


Healthy Chocolate-Covered Bananas

Bananas are SO good for our kids! They’re filled with fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and several other beneficial plant compounds. To get your teen to eat a couple of bananas a week, whip up a batch of these healthy chocolate-covered bananas. They make a great on-the-go snack!  

Find the recipe at One Lovely Life HERE


Crazy Good Creamy Strawberry Banana Salad (100K Shares on Pinterest!)

Made with Instant Banana Cream Pudding Mix, vanilla yogurt, strawberries and bananas, this is one recipe your teen will absolutely devour. With more than 100K shares on Pinterest, don’t take our word for it! It’s just THAT good!

Get the recipe at Cincy Shopper HERE


Frozen Grapes

If there’s a fruit out there that most teens will eat, it’s grapes. But when you take those grapes to a whole new, sweet-tasting level, they won’t stick around long. 

Get the recipe at Suburbia Unwrapped HERE


No-Bake Summer Berry Frozen Dessert

This Summer Berry Frozen Dessert is a super easy, no-bake cake recipe that your teen may not be able to resist. It has a yummy mix of creamy cheesecake filling with fresh summer berries, graham cracker crust and a crunchy crumb topping. (28K shares on Pinterest!)

Get the recipe from OMG Chocolate Desserts HERE


Fruit, Yogurt & Granola Parfait

Sometimes, it’s all in the presentation. These easy layered fruit parfaits taste as good as they look. You can even add a few mini chocolate chips to give it a bit of added sweetness. 

Get the recipe at Simply Home Cooked HERE


Cookies & Cream Cheese Fruit Pizza

This simple recipe is almost too irresistible for anyone to pass up. Made with a sugar cookie crust (this one’s homemade, but you can cut corners by buying store-bought), an easy 3-ingredient cream cheese frosting and plenty of in-season, fresh fruit and it not only looks amazing, it tastes amazing!

Get the recipe at The First Year Blog HERE


Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Fruit Salad

This Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Salad comes together so easy with fresh fruit and a rich and creamy cheesecake filling! Easy and oh, so tempting! 

Get the recipe at The Slow Roasted Italian HERE


3-Ingredient Classic Marshmallow Fruit Dip

Can’t get your teen to eat fruit? This classic Marshmallow Fruit Dip might change their mind! Made with marshmallow cream, cream cheese and vanilla extract, the flavor combination will keep ’em coming back for more!

Get the recipe from the Stay at Home Chef HERE


3-Ingredient 5-Minute Fruit Mousse

The cool thing about this recipe is that not only does it taste great, it’s really easy! Just three ingredients – frozen fruit, sugar, and egg whites. Just puree everything in a food processor for a light and healthy snack or dessert that’s sure to please. Add whipped cream and top with more fresh fruit if you like!

Get the recipe at Serious Eats HERE


Snickers Caramel Apple Salad

Well, this might not be the healthiest fruit salad in the world, but hey… it does have fruit! This salad is sweet and tart, crunchy and gooey, creamy and cool, and mostly just little bites of heaven. Or maybe big bites if your teen loves it!

Get the recipe at The Gracious Wife HERE


Watermelon Pizza

Make this Watermelon Pizza recipe as a refreshing dessert! It has a watermelon “crust” with cream cheese frosting and colorful pieces of fruit on top. This one’s an easy crowd pleaser!

Get the recipe at The Gunny Sack HERE


Apple Nachos with Peanut Butter and Chocolate (600K Shares on Pinterest!)

This easy 5-minute recipe is a great way for your teen to get their “apple a day” and satisfy their sweet tooth all in one shot. But don’t take our word for it! 

Get the recipe at Trial and Eater HERE


Chocolate Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

This recipe is definitely a keeper! It only has a handful of ingredients and comes together as a rich, velvety chocolate dip that’s perfect for dipping any fruit! (Is there a teen out there who could turn down chocolate?)

Get the recipe from Countryside Cravings HERE


Healthy Banana Oatmeal Pancakes (260K Shares on Pinterest!)

If you’re on the hunt for a simple clean-eating breakfast recipe that has plenty of healthy bananas, this is it! They’re made with a few simple ingredients plus the optional vanilla, cinnamon, and mix-ins of your choice. 

Get the recipe at The Lazy Dish HERE


4-Ingredient Sugar Roasted Peaches

Baked peaches with brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon tastes like a homemade peach pie only without all the work! Top with ice cream and this makes a killer delicious dessert even the most finicky teen will eat. 

Get the recipe at I Heart Naptime HERE


Blueberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars (275k Shares on Pinterest!)

This is definitely a recipe you have to try. These bars are bursting with juicy blueberries and filled with crunch oatmeal crumble. Delicious for a dessert with a scoop of ice cream OR they make a scrumptious breakfast!

Get the recipe at Just SO Tasty HERE


Ambrosia Fruit Salad

Ambrosia salad isn’t just for holidays anymore! Made with miniature marshmallows, pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, cherries, coconut, pecans, whipped cream and yogurt, this salad is a tasty way for your teen to get their fruit intake for the day. 

Get the recipe at A Pumpkin and a Princess HERE


Summer Fruit Galettes

Here’s an easy peasy way to make an amazing summer dessert that’s brimming with fruit. This recipe only requires eight ingredients (including refrigerated pie crusts) and when you’re finished, it will look like you spent ALL day making these! Your teen will flip! (You can use fresh peaches, strawberries, and blueberries!)

Get the recipe at Allrecipes HERE


5- Ingredient Watermelon Sticks with Coconut Lime Dip (735K Shares on Pinterest!)

If you try any recipe in this post, you might want to try this one! Yep… it’s really  THAT good! And, if your teen has never tried the amazing combination of watermelon with Tajin seasoning, their tastebuds are in for a huge treat! It’s truly amazing! Paired with tasty coconut lime dip, they won’t be able to get enough. (If your teen isn’t a fan of coconut, just make the watermelon sticks with the Tajin seasoning!)

Get the recipe at Abby’s Kitchen HERE


Dark Chocolate Berry Cups

Homemade dark chocolate cups are filled with fresh berries and topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate. A healthier way for your teen to get their fruit AND their chocolate fix. Plus, they’re just so darn pretty!

Get the recipe at Certified Pastry Aficionado HERE



Garlic Parmesan Edamame

The next time your teen is curled up on the couch for movie night, skip the popcorn and get up close and personal with a big ‘ole bowl of edamame! It makes the ultimate tasty (and healthy) snack!

Get the recipe at Peas and Crayons HERE


Best Darn Broccoli Salad

Speaking from experience here, this is THE best Broccoli Salad recipe I have ever tried! My kids love it and my kids’ friends love it – in fact, anyone who’s ever tried it wants the recipe. Brimming with healthy broccoli, red onion, bacon (of course), cheddar cheese, and a mouth-watering sauce that comes together in minutes, I feel pretty sure your teen is gonna flip over this one. 

Get the recipe at Raising Teens Today HERE


Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries (73K Shares on Pinterest!)

Instead of the greasy, unhealthy, high-calorie fries your teen grabs in the fast-food drive-up window, whip up a batch of these Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries instead! This recipe is a keeper. 

Get the recipe at Best Recipe Box HERE


Southwestern Mexican Chopped Salad (320K Shares on Pinterest!)

This Mexican Chopped Salad is the kind of salad you can never get enough of.  It’s vibrant, loaded with flavor and healthy. The dressing is amazing – light with just a few simple ingredients including fresh lime juice, honey, garlic, and a splash of oil.

Get the recipe at The Cafe Sucre Farine HERE


5-Ingredient Cheddar Bacon Potato Salad

It doesn’t get much easier than this! This Cheddar Bacon Potato Salad comes together with 5 simple ingredients – red potatoes, cheddar cheese, salty crisp bacon, creamy ranch dressing and sliced green onions – what’s not to love about that? It’s simple, quick and delicious!

Get the recipe at Cooking Class HERE


Keto Spinach & Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Spinach and broccoli are SO good for our kids! But considering they might not eat them alone, why not mix them up in a cheesy casserole that’s too irresistible for them to pass up? 

Get the recipe at My Life Cookbook HERE


Roasted Garlic Parmesan Brussel Sprouts

Packed with immunity-boosting vitamin C and cancer-fighting glucosinolates, brussel sprouts are touted as a “superfood.” Not only are they healthy, they taste amazing – at least when they’re served up THIS way! You gotta give these a try!

Get the recipe at Eat Well 101 HERE


Flavor-Packed Oven-Roasted Veggies

One thing I know for certain about teenagers – when it comes to food, they need lots of flavor. What’s great about this recipe is that it works for any kind of veggies (we make baked broccoli all the time in my house) and the seasoning is to die for – garlic powder, Italian seasoning, parmesan cheese, and parsley. Super easy, super good!

Get the recipe at Diethood HERE


Mexican Grilled Veggie Sandwich

All the Mexican flavors they love wrapped up in a delicious sandwich that’s irresistibly good!

Get the recipe at Prevention RD HERE


Greek Cucumber Salad

Fixed the right way, most teens will dive into a salad brimming with veggies. This salad is just that… tons of flavor, tons of veggies, and (shhh… don’t tell), tons of vitamins! It’s made with cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, and a delicious Greek lemon vinaigrette dressing. 

Get the recipe at Joyous Apron HERE


Cheesy Cauliflower & Broccoli Au Gratin

Okay, I have to admit, my kids have never been a big fan of cauliflower. BUT I tried this recipe and they dove right in! (It could be the fact that the cauliflower was hiding under 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese.) Either way… they ate it!

Get the recipe at Small Town Woman HERE


Brown Sugar Baked Carrots

When I think of this recipe, I always think of Thanksgiving, but honestly, you can serve these carrots up anytime! They’re SO incredibly good your teen won’t even realize they’re downing healthy carrots. 

Get the recipe at Momma Lew HERE


Easy Sauteed Green Beans (LOTS of Flavor!)

One of my kids’ all-time favorite veggies is green beans. I’ve made them all sorts of ways, but this is one of their favorites! Hint: I add bacon because, well… bacon makes everything taste better!

Get the recipe at Savory Nothings HERE


Arabic Chopped Salad

Made with cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, red pepper, green onion and a delicious dressing, this salad is packed with veggies and flavor!

Get the recipe at The Hint of Rosemary HERE


Easy Veggie Dip

Sure, you can always whip up a quick batch of Ranch Dressing Veggie Dip (the packages you can buy at the store), but you can also make your own. This dip is a classic. It’s easy to make and has tons of flavor. I’m serious… whip up a batch of this dip and serve it to your kids and all their friends when they’re hanging out – they won’t miss the chips! 

Get the recipe at Natasha’s Kitchen HERE


Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza (3 MILLION Shares on Pinterest!)

With 3M shares on Pinterest, this is one of those recipes you just HAVE to try!  It has a flaky crust topped with a creamy dill dip and topped with tons of fresh veggies. Perfect for an afternoon snack or even a light dinner. 

Get the recipe at Krazy Kitchen Mom HERE


Rainbow Veggie Tortilla Roll-Ups

Almost anything rolled up in a tortilla tastes better! These are filled with veggies, cream cheese & ranch dressing flavoring for a quick snack idea your teen will love! Add deli-style turkey or chicken for meat lovers. 

Get the recipe at Dinner at the Zoo HERE


Cucumber Salsa

Light, refreshing, and super crunchy, this salsa is the perfect Mexican-inspired dip or taco seasoning. Made with lots of fresh veggies and onion, and seasoned with garlic and lime juice, I’m thinkin’ your teen won’t be able to pass this one up.

Get the recipe at Easy Healthy Recipes HERE


Best Ever Roasted Broccoli (Different Variations!)

If you haven’t tried roasted broccoli, you have to give it a try! It was a total game-changer for my kids… they eat it like candy! Seriously! Check out the different variations you can make!

Get the recipe at Veggie Society HERE


Pasta Primavera with Lots of Fresh Veggies

The perfect pasta salad for a snack, side or to pop in your kids’ lunch. Penne pasta paired with tons of great (colorful) garden veggies might just tempt your teen.

Get the recipe at The Novice Chef Blog HERE


Best Ever Roasted Red Potatoes

I make these at least twice a month for my kids and they LOVE them! They’re incredibly easy to make and they’re delish! (My kids will even eat them cold as a leftover… teenagers are so weird.)

Get the recipe at Tastes of Lizzy HERE


Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with Sun-dried Tomato Spread

There’s nothing boring about this sandwich! Made with plenty of fresh veggies and an amazing sun-dried tomato spread, this sandwich not only looks delicious, it IS delicious. Add chicken if you like.

Get the recipe at Vegan Richa HERE


Mexican Street Corn

Elote is traditional street food in Mexico. In America, it’s typically called Mexican street corn. It’s corn on the cob charred on an open grill and smothered in cheese, a cream sauce and chipotle seasoning… YUM! 

Get the recipe at Princess Pinky Girl HERE


Quick Sauteed Asparagus with Lemon and Garlic

You might not think you can get your teen to eat asparagus, but served up the right way and I’ll bet you’d be surprised. With teens and veggies, it’s all about the seasonings.

Get the recipe at The Mediterranean Dish HERE


Grilled Vegetable Flatbread

The beauty of flatbread is that you can put literally anything you like on it… the sky is the limit! This Grilled Vegetable Flatbread is brimming with veggies, but you can add chunks of chicken or sausage if your teen is a meat lover. Great as a light dinner or even a delish movie-night snack.

Get the recipe at Oh Sweet Basil HERE


There are actually tons of ways to tempt your teen to eat more fruit and veggies! You just have to get creative and keep trying new recipes. Don’t give up – your teen’s growing body needs all the nutrients and vitamins it can get!

What are your favorite recipes to tempt your teen to eat more fruit and veggies? Share your ideas in the comments section below! 

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