10 Things Moms See That No One Else Sees

Mamas Have an Inner "Mom Radar" that No One Else Has - It's Our Superpower

by Nancy Reynolds

This Post: 10 Things Moms See That No One Else Sees

We all know that moms have eyes in the back of their heads. (Pretty sure we get them when our kids are born.) But, what makes moms totally superhuman is that we have the uncanny ability to see not only with our eyes but also with our hearts. It’s a fact… moms see things no one else sees. 

It’s true! Moms have an inner “mom radar.” We’re pretty darn gifted, actually! Check out these 10 things moms see that no one else sees!

10 Things Moms See That No One Else Sees


An Accident Waiting to Happen

We’re truly gifted in this area. Maybe because we’re always thinking, overthinking, and allowing our brains to carry us straight to the worst-case scenario. But we can see when our kids are heading straight into a brick wall at 80 miles an hour. Keeping our mouth shut and trying not to dictate our kids’ every move is the hardest part of it all. Bottom line, you really can’t surprise a mom who overthinks. She saw that sh#t coming weeks ago. We may not say it aloud but mamas are always muttering to themselves… “Well, I don’t wanna say I told ya so, but....”

What’s Inside Her Child’s Heart

Moms know their kids inside and out. We have the glory of not only hearing what our kids say but hearing what their heart is feeling. Not a word needs to be spoken. When their heart is joyful, hurting or needing tender reassurance, moms know. It’s one of the beautiful advantages and perhaps challenges of motherhood. We see and feel everything our kids feel, plain and simple. 

Stuff That’s Right In Front of Her Kids

“Mom, where are my favorite shoes?” “Mom, have you seen my Geometry book?” “Mom, I lost my favorite hoodie. Do you know what happened to it?” “Mom, mom, mom, moooom...”  “Yes, honey.”By the front door, on the table, and on the back of the chair.” We know where just about everything is in the house, but our real gift is seeing crap that our kids can’t see… typically stuff that’s literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. (Let’s not even talk about the overflowing garbage in the kitchen.)

When Her Child Needs a Little Pampering

Maybe they need a hug from mom, a big plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies, an errand run for them to take the pressure off, or their favorite dinner. Mamas know when their kids need a little pampering, a little TLC, a little mom lovin’.

Others might think we’re spoiling our kiddos, but moms look past that because we know what our kids need. And, we thrive on that little smile we get from our kids that says, “No one’s ever gonna love me like my mama.” 

A Bad Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Yep…  we see it WAY before our kids do and WAY before friends, our spouses or anyone else does. We read those bad girlfriends and boyfriends loud and clear. Maybe it’s our mom instincts kicking in. Maybe we just have a ton more life experience. Or, maybe we know our child’s soft heart has been reeled in by someone who doesn’t deserve them. Either way, the hardest part is trying to convince our kids (gently, of course) that they can do way better and hoping they eventually see things as clearly as we do. 

When Her Child is Lying

Umm, yeah. We’re pretty darn smart in that department. Heads up, kids, we gave birth to you. We carried you in our womb for nine months. We KNOW you! We’re tuned into your little “I’m lying and trying to get away with it” tactics. Plus, don’t forget, we were a teenager once, too. (As hard as that is for you to believe). We basically invented those lies you’re telling. So, yep, stop trying. You can’t pull the wool over our eyes. 

If Her Kid’s Friends are Really Friends

How many times have your kids brought home friends that you “questioned.” Sometimes, we can’t put our finger on it. Sometimes, we pick up on little things that concern us. Sometimes, we see a lack of authenticity. Sometimes, we just know they’re not a “true” friend. Knowing that our kids will learn from both positive and negative experiences in their life is what makes this part of momhood agonizing. But the toughest challenge of all? Keeping the mama bear in her den when others mess with our kids. Grrrrr… 

When Her Child Has a Bad Day

The minute our kids walk in the door after practice, after school, or after work our “mom radar” immediately goes off. Something’s not right. Did they fail a test? Did they get reprimanded by a teacher or coach? Did they get in a fight with a friend or their boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe it’s the tilt of their head or the way they shuffle their feet or that quiet sigh we hear, but moms know. Don’t ask me how, we just know

The Whole Picture

Like a movie reel that plays before us, we can hit the rewind button, pause button, or fast forward and we see it ALL. We see our child’s past, present and future. Where they were, where they are and where we hope and pray they’re headed. Who they were, who they are and who they can become. We see it as clear as day. We dream about it, we lose sleep over it and we have long conversations with our inner selves as we try to guide our kids toward the amazing future we know they have the capability to create. It’s wonderful and totally exhausting at the same time. 

Her Child’s Potential

Oh… how we know. Deep down inside every mom knows her child. She knows who they are, what they can achieve and who they have the ability to become. Since the day our baby was born, we knew they were special. We knew they could do anything they set their mind to. We knew this world would benefit greatly just by having them in it. It’s our job to help our kids realize what we’ve known all along. It’s our job to help them recognize and harness their strengths – not so they can follow the path we envisioned for them, but the path that will bring them the greatest satisfaction and happiness in life. 

Moms have inherent strengths, intuitions, and feelings that no one else has that we simply cannot deny. We see things, feel things, and know things… it’s those things that help us love our family more deeply, protect them with everything we’ve got and nurture them from the depths of our hearts. We truly are special… because we’re moms.

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