25 Bedroom Ideas for Teen Girls That are Totally to Die For

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 25 Bedroom Ideas for Teen Girls (Post updated April 2023)

When you’re a teen girl, your bedroom isn’t simply a place to sleep. It’s where you chill out, hang with friends, decompress after a long day, study, do homework, and escape from the world…

If your daughter’s bedroom still has teddy bear wallpaper on the walls or childish accessories she thought were cool when she was seven years old, it might be time for a bedroom makeover.

From easy weekend makeovers that won’t break the bank to cool, trendy bedrooms nearly any teen girl would die for, we’ve gathered more than a few bedroom ideas for teen girls to inspire you! 

25 Bedroom Ideas for Teen Girls That Are Totally to Die For

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Ultimate Boho Bedroom

When it comes to trendy teen girl bedroom ideas, you can’t get more “Boho” than this! Various shades of neutrals, airy curtains, textured natural pillows and plenty of tassels give this bedroom a cool vibe that’s hard to pass up!

Image source: @beach_casa via Pinterest


Light and Airy

The life of a teenage girl isn’t always easy. But when you have a beautiful, light and airy retreat like this bedroom to come home to, it makes life a little easier. This easy-to-recreate bedroom is the perfect place for her to sleep, unwind, hang out with friends and escape. 

Image source: arq-designer

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Butterflies, Fairy Lights and Cozy Sheets

Even if you’re dealing with a small space, you can still make it your own by adding elements that you love! This cozy neutral bedroom is brimming with cool elements that say a lot about the girl who sleeps here – things she loves, things that matter to her, things that bring her comfort. Have fun with your bedroom and don’t forget to let your personality shine through!

Image Source: Teendecofficial


Extra Room for Sleepovers

This bedroom is small, but they maxed out space by creating a custom loft for added sleeping space. What we love is the pile of pillows – perfect for chillin’ out and listening to music or just relaxing. 


Black & White with a Touch of Glam

What teen girl could resist a trendy black and white bedroom with a touch of gold glam? Even if you don’t have these cool built-in bookcases in your bedroom, you can easily recreate the look with freestanding bookcases filled with black, white and gold accessories. A Black and white striped comforter paired with fun, stylish pillows makes the bed pop. 

Image Source: teenage_bedrooms

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Do-It-Yourself Reading Nook

If you have an unused corner or nook in your bedroom, try turning it into a cozy reading nook. A shelf to hold all her books and plenty of soft pillows tossed on the floor makes this a sweet and comfortable space nearly any teen girl would love. Add a string of lights to make it even cozier at night. 

Image Source: Die.Paula


Chalkboard Study Area 

Suddenly, sitting down to study or do homework isn’t quite so boring! The cool part about this idea is that it’s cheap! A can of chalkboard paint can transform any wall or nook into a totally fab study area. 

Image Source: Bored Art


Boho Grey & White

It’s amazing what a huge statement you can make when you stick with a simple color scheme. Everything in this room is grey or white and yet, there’s nothing boring about it! The simple white duvet with grey poms and macrame chair add a ton of flair and with an added touch of artwork, this room looks absolutely fabulous! 

Image Source: Pinterest

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Tapestry Transformation

All it takes is the addition of a tapestry to transform your bedroom and give it a completely new, fresh look! And, the best part is, you can find tapestries for a reasonable price so this bedroom makeover won’t break the bank.  Don’t forget the lights for ambiance!

Image source: teendecofficial

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Maxed Out with Study Space

This bedroom might be small, but it couldn’t be more organized or efficient. It gives her plenty of room to chill out and sleep in her cozy bed but also offers a large enough desk for her laptop and books when she’s studying. And, what we really love is the color of this room – it’s hip, yet it offers a relaxing “chill out” vibe. 

Image Source: Overstock.com


Romantic Bohemian

It turns out that Bohemian isn’t just about neutrals. This easy-to-replicate white and coral bedroom with loads of greenery is about as serene and relaxing as it comes- perfect for chillin’ out and reading or hanging out with friends. The best part about this room is that it wouldn’t cost a fortune to create the look. It’s an easy weekend makeover!

Image Source: @astoldbymichelle 

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A Little Wild, A Little Free

Every teen girl should have the freedom to express herself freely when it comes to decorating her bedroom. Whether she’s a little wild, prefers the classic look or craves anything boho style, her bedroom should be a reflection of her own style and personality. This room is fun, flirty – perfect for the girl who aspires to be wild and free!

Image Source: Homedit


Big Style on a Budget

If the budget is tight, try creating a wall of lights as a backdrop to your bed! Not only is this idea inexpensive, it’s fun! Add pictures to your lights to personalize your wall and give it that extra flair. 

Image Source: Venue


Dreamy Bedroom

Simple, clean lines, soft hues, and a lighted sign makes this bedroom downright dreamy. To enhance the look, choose a soft neutral wall color like this soft grey to make the room look bigger. 

Image Source: Glaminati


Vintage Meets Modern

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, colors, textures and even eras. We’re loving this eclectic “modern meets vintage” bedroom  – perfect for teens girls who aren’t afraid to step out of the norm. 

Image Source: Glaminati

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Soft Canopy with Lights

It’s amazing what small additions can do for your bedroom. A soft (inexpensive) canopy draped over the bed, string lights, and a few carefully chosen wall decor items give this bedroom a dreamy, romantic feel. 

Image Source: Glaminati

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Gorgeous Grey

How amazing is this all grey bedroom? Various shades of grey and a variety of textures give this room a fresh, modern look that’s totally fab and fresh!

Image Source: Pinterest


Barefoot Boho

There’s something about this bedroom that’s reminiscent of long, casual walks in the country. It’s relaxed, unpretentious and natural. For the girl who loves the carefree barefoot boho look, this is the room for her. 

Image Source: Pinterest


A Space to Call Her Own

This cool bedroom is perfectly organized and designed. The shelving offers extra space, the desk area is roomy and modern and the sleeping area is comfortable and dual-functional. It might be small, but this is one space she can call her own. 

Image source: @malesporto-design


Perfectly Pastel

When you think of teen girls, you might think pastels are “out.” But used correctly, they can be downright trendy and perfect! This understated room is gorgeous, modern, and has a grown-up feel that is anything but childish. If you’re totally in love with this Kate Moss Canvas Poster, you can purchase it HERE!

Image source: Basic Outline Decor


Jazzed Up Bunk Beds

Ordinary bunk beds paired with the right accessories can transform any room into a teen girl’s fun and funky retreat. In this room, the light fixture makes a statement along with a few cool accessories. 

Image source: @zeynepshome via @glaminati

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A Dynamic Splash of Color

One of the easiest ways to create a totally new look in any bedroom is by adding a dynamic splash of color! Rather than paint all the walls a vibrant color, choose one wall and keep the others pale or neutral. Then, add accessories, bedding, and pillows to pull the look together! 

Image source: Pinterest


Artsy & Organic

A little bit artsy with an organic, natural feel, this room feels breezy and light. The simple, clean lines and earthy colors have a serene touch that makes this room easy to come home to. 

Image source: @elmueble


Cozy Neutral Retreat

Coming home after a long day of school, sports, extracurriculars, or a job would be so much easier if she could plop on this bed and unwind. Neutral walls paired with all neutral bedding, pillows, and accessories make this room one of our faves. 

Image source: @sandradeco__sweet_home

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Pallet Bed That Says WOW

If you’ve ever wondered what you can do with a pallet, here’s an idea that is cheap, trendy and makes a HUGE statement! One of the coolest and trendiest rooms we found, this bedroom has a unique flirty (yet industrial) feel that’s so off the charts different, you can be sure you’ll be the only one with a room like this! 

Image source: Girl and the Word


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Diana Lee Kade November 30, 2021 - 2:03 am

Amazing toats will give my daughter some inspo she’s 14!!!! She liked the Butterflies and fairy lights and cozy sheets one! Looks like I see her 15 birthday gift!!!!

Trinity Holt January 23, 2023 - 2:43 pm

Fabulous Designs!

laney June 20, 2024 - 4:04 pm

these designs are really adorable and trendy.


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