30 Ridiculously Creative Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Wow your teen this year with one of these showstopping cakes!

by Nancy Reynolds

This Post: 30 Ridiculously Creative Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Whether you’re making your teen a lovingly homemade birthday cake this year or you’re passing off the job to a bakery in town, we’ve rounded up the most ridiculously creative and fun birthday cake ideas around! 

Over the last few years, I’ve taken up the hobby of decorating cupcakes and cakes. (When I have time, that is.) I’m certainly not an expert, by any means, but I’ve definitely gotten the hang of it!

It’s really so much easier than you might think and the cool part is there are so many cake decorating tools you can purchase online and edible cake decorations available on Amazon and Etsy that you don’t HAVE to be an expert cake decorator to make your cake a showstopper! So, if you’re interested in trying your hand at one of these cakes, just GO FOR IT! 

Check out these fun, trendy, and creative birthday cakes that will offer you tons of inspiration for your teen’s next birthday celebration!

30 Ridiculously Creative Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

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Official Teenager Cake

Congratulations! You have an official teenager in the house! Here’s a cake that’s colorful, fun, and easy to recreate! 

Image compliments of Pinterest


Pizza Slice Cake

Seriously… is there a teenager out there who doesn’t love pizza? This fun cake idea is a total showstopper. This would be a perfect cake idea for a slumber birthday party!

Find the recipe at Studio DIY HERE


Doodles and Daydreams Cake

How fun is THIS cake? The cake is a big 8-inch triple-layer chocolate cake filled with Swiss meringue buttercream and covered in a layer of white fondant. Basically, a big blank canvas for your creativity. Just purchase edible ink pens and start doodling… the sky is really the limit! Anything your teen loves! 

Find the recipe/directions at Bakerella HERE


Milk & Cookies Layer Cake

If you have a teen who loves milk and chocolate chip cookies (I mean… who doesn’t?), then this cake is for them! Easy enough for novice bakers to recreate and it’s yummy, to boot!

Find the recipe at Life, Love, and Sugar HERE


Teen Girl Chillin’ on Bed

If this doesn’t depict a normal teen girl’s life, we don’t know what does! Chillin’ out on her bed with her laptop, headphones, and iPhone – she’ll LOVE this cake!

Image compliments of Pinterest


S’mores Camping Cake

Any outdoorsy teen is gonna love this camping cake made with simple decorations you can find at any store. According to the recipe, it’s delish and easy enough for anyone – even those with little to no baking experience. 

Find the recipe at Feeling Nifty HERE


Salted Caramel Popcorn Bucket Cake

This fun cake is topped with salted caramel popcorn making it both adorable AND completely delicious! Serve this cake for a movie-themed birthday party and it will definitely be a hit!

Find the recipe and how-to at Club Crafted HERE


Festive Numbers Cake

This cake might look complicated to make, but it’s really not that hard! (Trust me… if I can do it anyone can!) Just purchase a simple cake decorator kit on Amazon, practice a bit and you’ll be surprised how quickly you get the hang of it! Plus, you’ll save a bundle by doing it yourself!

Image compliments of Savvy Cakes


Fortnite Birthday Cake

Got a teen who just can’t get enough of Fortnite? Then, this cake idea is for them! There are actually lots of fun Fortnite cake ideas on the internet –  if this one doesn’t grab you, just do a quick Google search to find more ideas.

Image compliments of Pinterest


Make-Up Cake

If you have a girly girl who loves makeup, she just might love this cake idea. To make things easy, you can order the edible makeup on Etsy so all you have to do is whip up the cake. Easy and adorable! Order the edible make-up from Edible Perfections on Etsy HERE


Basketball Cake

Celebrate your basketball lovin’ teen’s birthday with a cake he’ll love. To make your cake extra special, check out these basketball-themed cake toppers on Etsy!

Image compliments of Pinterest


Ultimate Oreo Cake

I don’t know a teen (or anyone for that matter) who doesn’t love Oreo Cookies. And, this cake is brimming with that delish Oreo flavor. Easy enough to pull off yourself OR just bring this picture with you to a bakery and let them do the baking and decorating for you. 

Image compliments of Pinterest


Cheeseburger Cake

Burgers and teens pretty much go hand-in-hand. Although this cake looks difficult, the directions aren’t too overwhelming or intimidating for anyone willing to give it a try. And, it’s just so cute, it’s bound to make your teen laugh when they see it!

Find the recipe and how-to at a Mixture of Mediums HERE


Football-Themed Cake

Perfect cake idea for the teen who loves football! And, with an icing decorating set, this cake is actually easy enough to do yourself. REALLY! It’s not that difficult!

Image compliments of Cake Central


Starbucks Cake

If you have a teen who just LOVES Starbucks, this is a great birthday cake idea! Just for fun, you could serve decaf iced coffee selections at the birthday party!

Image compliments of @dolcecakes_ on IG

Image compliments of @dolcecakes_ on IG


Fresh Flowers Cake

Can’t decide how to decorate your teen’s cake? Why not top it with gorgeous fresh flowers? (Make sure the flowers you choose are safe to put on cakes). OR, order edible flowers on Amazon

Image compliments of Sweet Empire via Pinterest


Teen Boy Sleeping Cake

Ahhh… a sleeping teen boy. This cake idea is sure to get a laugh out of your teen and all his friends! 

Image compliments of EriVica Cakes 


Netflix Cake

Host a Netflix movie night and serve this cake to round out the party theme. Create movie night snack buckets for each attendee complete with a drink, movie night candy, and, of course, popcorn!

Image compliments of Pinterest 


Rustic Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

This cake might be simple, but it surely doesn’t lack the WOW factor. Check out Etsy to order the “Sweet 16” burlap banner.

Image compliments of Pinterest


Rocky Road Cake

The most decadent chocolate rocky road cake possible! Chocolate-covered marshmallows and nuts fill and top this decadent and moist chocolate cake. Your chocolate-lover teen will flip over this birthday cake! 

Find the recipe at Preppy Kitchen HERE


Messy Teen Bedroom Cake

Your teen will get a BIG kick out of this birthday cake! Check out these messy teen bedroom edible cake toppers on Etsy!

Image compliments of KimmycakesUK


Adidas Cake

Any athletic kid who just LOVES his/her Adidas shoes would get a kick (no pun intended) out of this birthday cake! 

Image compliments of Cakes Decor


Triple Stack Donut Cake

Three butter cake layers make up this triple-stack donut cake, complete with colorful glaze and rainbow sprinkles. Any teen who loves donuts is going to love this little masterpiece! 

For the recipe visit Sprinkles and Bakes HERE


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iPhone Cake

We all know most teens are glued to their phones, right!?  Such a fun and clever idea! Check out these edible iPhone wafer paper on Etsy!


Neon Splatter Cake

This fun colorful cake is sure to be a big hit with any teen! This cake screams, “Let’s Celebrate!”

Image compliments of Cake Decor


Chocolate Overload Cake

This birthday cake is PERFECT for the candy, cookie, chocolate lovin’ teen! Easy enough to recreate… just make a simple cake, frost it with chocolate frosting, and pile on his or her favorite cookies, candies, and sweet treats. 

Image compliment of Frosted by Neha via Pinterest


Rainbow & Smiley Face Cake

This colorful ray of sunshine cake is perfect for your young teen who just can’t get enough of rainbows and smiley faces. It’s almost too cute to eat!

Image compliments of Pinterest


Lollipop Cake

Stumped on how to decorate your teen’s cake? How ’bout lollipops! They’re fun, inexpensive, colorful, and delish, and they add a ton of pizzazz to any cake!

Image compliments of Robyn’s Creative Cakes via Pinterest


All-Star Sports Theme Cake

Do you have a teen who plays multiple sports? Then this basketball, football, baseball-themed cake might put a huge smile on their face! With a simple cake decorating kit, it’s really easy to recreate this cake!

Image compliments of Pinterest


Edible Flower Cake

This pretty cake might look hard to make, but it’s actually easy when you purchase edible flowers and leaves on Etsy! They have a huge selection of edible cake decorations to turn any cake into a gorgeous masterpiece. 

Image compliments of Pinterest


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