15 Things Every Teen Girl Should Always Carry in Her Purse

Here's How to Be Prepared No Matter Where You Are

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 15 Things Every Teen Girl Should Always Carry in Her Purse

My daughter and a few of her friends were hanging out at the house just chillin’ the other night when one of the girls started rummaging through her purse looking for something.

As we all watched laughing (because she clearly had everything in there but the kitchen sink), she confidently announced, “my whole life is in this purse!”

From stress balls and snacks to fuzzy socks and a swimsuit, you just never know what you’ll find in a teen girl’s purse! So, while you might come across a few funny surprises if you snuck a peek in your daughter’s purse, here’s what she should be carrying so she’s prepared no matter what. Here are 15 things every teen girl should always carry in her purse. 

15 Things Every Teen Girl Should Always Carry in Her Purse


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#1 Tampons & Pads

Wouldn’t it be nice if your periods were always predictable and “on schedule?” Considering fluctuations in hormones, the stress of life and certain medications can mess up the balance of periods and cause them to be early or late, it’s always a good idea to be better safe than sorry and tuck a few tampons and pads in your purse so you’re never caught off guard. (Plus, you know your besties will be hitting you up for a tampon or pad every now and then.)


#2 Small Hairbrush or Comb

It may not be every day that you take the extra time to fix your hair just perfect, but when you do, the last thing you want is the wind and humidity messing up your beautiful locks. That’s why it’s always a smart idea to have a small brush in your purse so you can dart into the bathroom and get gorgeous again. We like this one because it’s foldable and compact – plus, it’s metallic, which is pretty cool. Check it out on Amazon here.



#3 Driver’s License (If You Drive)

Whether you carry your license tucked in the zipper side pocket of your purse or you carry it in your wallet, your ID is one of those things you should never leave home without. And, if you ever get pulled over by the police, it’s the first thing they’ll ask for – be prepared! (Heads up, if you don’t have a driver’s license, it’s a good idea to carry some form of identification like a school ID.)


#4 A $20 Bill

When I was a teenager, my mom always tucked a $20 bill in the back of my wallet… just in case. Now I do the same for my kids (old habits die hard). Sure, a credit card is handy to have in the event you need it for an emergency, but you never know when you might be in a “cash only” situation.


#5 Portable Phone Charger

Is there anything worse than being at school, work, or out hanging with friends on a Friday night and having your phone die? Having a compact phone charger tucked in your purse can be a literal life-saver. Plus, if you don’t answer your phone, there’s a good chance your mom will call out the National Guard. If you like this one, check it out on Amazon here.



#6 Compact Mirror

In between classes, before you walk into work, when you’re at a party or gathering – there are times you want to give your face a quick glance to make sure your mascara isn’t smudged or that your face hasn’t become a literal grease pit. That’s where a compact mirror comes in handy. We really like this mini compact mirror – it not only has a magnifying mirror but also lights up. You can find it on Amazon here. 


#7  Small Cosmetic Bag

For those times when your face needs a quick touch-up, grab yourself a small makeup bag (we love the clear ones) and toss in lip balm/gloss, concealer (to cover pimples), blush, powder, and blotting wipes to tackle excess oil and shine. We found this one on Shein for only $3.00!


#8 Emergency Phone Numbers

There’s a certain peace of mind knowing that all the important telephone numbers you need are in your contact list on your phone… but what happens if you lose your phone, drop it in water or your phone dies and you’re without a charger? Would you be able to remember the telephone numbers of family, friends or authorities? Probably not! Take a moment to jot down the numbers of family members, best friends, an aunt or uncle, a neighbor, the local police department, roadside assistance and any other numbers you might need in the event you don’t have access to your phone. It only takes a minute and, when you’re stuck without a phone, you’ll be glad you have them. 


#9  Scrunchies or Clips

Whether you want to pull your hair up in a messy bun on a hot day or pull it back before practice, having a couple of scrunchies, hair clips or bobby pins in your purse is a must. And because scrunchies are back in fashion, there are tons of different fabrics and patterns to choose from!


#10 Breath Mints or Gum

Since you’re probably not carting around a toothbrush and toothpaste, (hooray for you, if you are!), your best bet is to tuck a few mints and/or gum in your purse to freshen your breath throughout the day. We got a big kick out of these “EmpowerMints” that pack an extra-strong peppermint boost when you need it the most. Check them out on Amazon here!


#11 Ibuprophen AND Midol or Pamprin

There’s nothing worse than suddenly getting a bad headache or having horrible cramps creep up on you when you’re in the middle of 5th period just about ready to take a massive test. Be sure to carry a small bottle of aspirin or Ibuprophen along with a bottle of Midol or Pamprin to fend off headaches, cramps, irritability, bloating and muscle aches so you can get through the day. Want to know which one is better for you – Midol or Pamprin – check out this article!


#12 Small Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

With COVID restrictions still in place in many schools, restaurants and venues, it’s a good idea to have a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer on hand. Truthfully, even without the threat of COVID germs, it’s a good idea to use hand sanitizer – especially before eating or after you touched any surface in a crowded area. We found these mini bottles (4-pack) on Amazon for a great price.


#13 Earbuds/Headphones

Whether you want to hang out in the lunchroom and catch up on your latest Netflix episode or you want to listen to your favorite music on the bus without bothering anyone, earbuds or headphones are great to have in your purse. Sure, you can spring for expensive AirPods, but we found these on Amazon for under $40 bucks and they have great reviews! 



#14 A Pen (or Two)

Sure, you probably keep a boatload of pens and pencils in your backpack, but what about your purse? Whether you need to sign a credit card slip, fill out a form, jot down an address or sign a birthday card, having a pen in your purse will save you the energy of asking everyone you know if you can borrow theirs. 


#15 Face Mask

Some places are requiring masks, other places aren’t. It’s better to be prepared than to find out you need one and you don’t have one. The good news is, there are plenty of places to buy cute masks. Check out these places to buy cute masks for teen girls!


For added safety measures… just in case: Personal Siren Alarm 

Whether you’re out late at a party, coming home from practice late at night or even walking home from the bus stop, you always have to be aware of your surroundings. Considering an attacker’s worst enemy is attention, having an alarm attached to your key chain or purse strap is your best defense to startle him and gain the attention of others giving you vital seconds to flee the scene. This one is under $25 on Amazon and has thousands of positive reviews. 



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