55 Ways to Get Your Teen Organized Now

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 55 Ways to Get Your Teen Organized Now

Now that your child is a teenager, chances are (if they’re like a lot of other teenagers), they’ve suddenly become messy. (Yep… it’s one of the many mysteries of teenagerhood.) And, with everything else going on in their lives including having to juggle school, sports, extracurriculars, a job and their social lives, staying organized can be challenging, to say the least.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways for you to help your teen get and stay organized. Whether their bedroom needs an organization makeover, their closet needs a total overhaul or they need a few organizational hacks to make their bathroom or study area more functional, we’ve got you covered!

We rounded up a few (actually, 55 in all) clever ways to organize your teen’s life. Many are affordable, some a little pricey, but all of them are pretty darn cool. Don’t feel as though you have to mirror the images you find here – just pick and choose the aspects of each image that suit your teen and their needs! And, even if your budget is super tight, there are plenty of ideas here that can be realized by hitting the Dollar Store, Wal-Mart, thrift stores or other inexpensive stores. Check out our 55 ways to get your teen organized now. 

55 Ways to Get Your Teen Organized Now

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DIY Rolling Under Bed Storage

When it comes to clever ways to get your teen organized, it’s all about functionality and ease with a cool factor that your teen will love! This DIY rolling under bed storage is a simple and cool idea that maxes out under bed space without breaking the bank. Visit Simply Beautiful by Angela on IG for the full tutorial!


A Wall of Shelves

By the time our kids reach their teen years, they’ve collected a lot of stuff! Give all that stuff in their bedroom a home by adding shelving units. Whether you add just one shelving unit or max it out with a wall of shelves, your teen will appreciate having a place to showcase all their trophies, knick-knacks, books, and pictures. 

Image Source: Gold Snow Drops

Make Use of Door Space

This handy 7-compartment over-the-door organizer keeps keys, loose change, belts, scarves and glasses all within easy reach. Although it’s not the cheapest over-the-door organizer we found, we thought it was pretty cool! You can find it on Amazon HERE

Image Source: Amazon

Bins and Baskets Tidy Up the Space

I’m seriously a little obsessed with bins and baskets when it comes to organizing teens’ rooms. My kids (combined) have dozens of cool bins and baskets on shelves, under their bed, in their closets, etc. And, teens love having little pockets of space to store all their stuff. 

Image Source: Pinterest

Cool Skateboard Shelves

If you have a teen who loves skateboarding, carry their passion into their bedroom with these clever skateboard shelves. 

Image Source: My List of Lists

Under Bed Shoe Drawers

Can you believe this under bed shoe organizer is an IKEA kitchen cabinet door? Just add wheels and your teen can slide shoes (or anything else they don’t use every day) under the bed and pull them out as needed. Clever!

Image Source: House Beautiful

Lofted Bed with Futon & Multi-Functional Storage

This is actually a dorm room, but what’s cool about this space is the lofted bunk bed offers plenty of room below for a relaxing sitting area and the two upholstered footstools are multi-functional with storage inside. 

Image Source: Pinterest

Vintage Lockers Keep Messes Out of Sight

Don’t be afraid to try unconventional methods to organize your teen’s room! This mom was lucky enough to find these vintage lockers and used them to create a cool vibe in her son’s room while adding valuable storage space. 

Image Source: Fox Hollow Cottage

DIY Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer

You know all those necklaces, bracelets and earrings your daughter has on her dresser? Now she’ll have a place to store them all so they don’t get tangled or broken. This DIY Jewelry Organizer is cute and artistic, but if it’s a little too complicated for you, consider buying one that’s pre-made!

Image Source: Homebnc

Pegboard Baseball Cap Organizer

Considering most teen boys have boatloads of baseball hats, this easy DIY Pegboard Baseball Cap Organizer will keep them all in one convenient place. Now he can actually see his collection!

For the easy how-to, visit Jenna Burger


Space-Saving Shelving for the Extras

For all those little extras that you never know where to put, a space-saving shelving unit like this one can be just what you need to keep it all neat and organized. 

Image Source: The Beetique

Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer for Storing Makeup, Socks or Other Small Items

You can free up a lot of space in your teen’s bedroom simply by adding an over-the-door shoe organizer. Now your teen can easily store makeup, socks, hair accessories or even jewelry. 


An “Outfit Station” on a Closet Door

One of the coolest ideas around – especially for teen girls who love laying out their outfits with shoes and all the accessories. A simple over-the-door hook, a rod or dowel and plastic organizers attached to their closet door will make life so much easier!

ImageSource: BHG.Com

Use a Rolling Cart as a Nightstand

As opposed to a traditional nightstand, (which typically don’t offer a ton of storage space), use a 3-shelf rolling cart! It keeps everything within easy reach and maxes out space beside their bed. Seriously, rolling carts are super versatile!

Image Source: The Every Girl

Just Add Hooks

Perfect for hanging coats, backpacks, sports uniforms, purses or anything else, hooks are great for keeping stuff off the floor in your teen’s bedroom. 

Image Source: Remodelista

Make Use of  Corner Space

An unused corner in your teen’s bedroom makes a great desk area! Add a few bins and accessories to make it cool and homey. 

Image Source: The Creativity Exchange

Vanity Station Using Full-Length Mirror and Floating Shelves

If your daughter has makeup and nail polish strewn all over her bedroom, here’s a clever way to organize it all! And, the best part is, this idea won’t break the bank. 

Image Source: We Heart It

Trophy Station

If your teen has more than a few trophies scattered all over their bedroom, this is a clever way to display their trophies all in one place. 

Image Source: Dintelo

Lofted Bed with Storage Below

When you’re short on space and getting organized is your priority, go vertical. This lofted bed with a desk and storage below is a great way to open up the room while creating a ton of extra space. 

Image Source: PBTeen

Add Industrial Shelving

A little more expensive than some of the other ideas, but too cool of an idea not to include.

Image Source: Overstock.com

DIY Floating Corner Shelves

If you don’t have much space to work with, consider building up instead of out. These DIY Floating Corner Shelves are practical, stylish and they aren’t too expensive to make. 

Get the tutorial at Shanty Chic HERE


Hexagon Bookshelves for Books and Trophies

Not only do these hexagon bookshelves add a cool and colorful vibe to this bedroom, they offer additional space for things like trophies, books and knick-knacks. 

Image Source: Today’s Creative Life

Use Bookshelves to Frame Your Bed

Simply attach a long shelf over two bookcases to create the look of a headboard. You can also add an additional bookcase at the base of your bed if space allows creating even more storage space. 

Image Source: Buzz Feed

Don’t Forget a Laundry Bag

Even though they’ll probably throw all their clean clothes that they tried on once and didn’t want to hang back up in the laundry basket along with all their dirty clothes,  a sturdy stand-up laundry basket is a must tucked in the corner of their room. You find this one HERE

Image Source: Amazon


Max Out Drawer Space

When it comes to teenagers, nearly every drawer can be a junk drawer. But with these inexpensive plastic organizers, (you can pick up cheap organizers at the Dollar Store) they’ll have a place for brushes, Q-Tips, cotton balls, their razor, shaving cream or anything else!

Image Source: I Am Stylish

Clear Stackable Containers

Teenagers have a tendency to be messy… well, actually slobs. (At least some of them.) Keep their bathroom neat by investing in a few clear plastic containers. They make it easy to see everything, so instead of shoving everything under their bathroom sink, everything will have its own place.  Check out these plastic containers on Amazon.

Image Source: Pinterest 

Add Pull-Out Drawers Under the Sink

Double your under-the-sink storage space by adding pull-out drawers. They’re great for storing everything from shampoo and lotions to hair accessories and cologne. 

Image Source: The Inspired Home

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

This IKEA-inspired makeup vanity is perfect for keeping all your makeup, hair accessories, lotions, perfumes, and anything else you need within easy reach. Plus, the cool part is you can roll it between your bedroom and bathroom, as needed.

For the tutorial, visit Polka Dot Chair.


Shower Caddy Basket with Hooks

Perfect for guys or girls, this easy-to-mount Shower Caddy Basket is great for keeping shampoo, conditioner, razors and loofahs off the tub area so it stays clean. You can check it out HERE!

Image Source: Amazon

Shower Curtain with Mesh Pockets

This organization hack is almost too darn easy! Just hang a shower curtain with mesh pockets so everything they need when they’re in the shower will be right at their fingertips. Plus, it does away with the messy tub area!

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Organized Feminine Care

A few plastic bins make grabbing what she needs easy and convenient. 

Image Source: MDesign Home Decor

Hanging Baskets

This is such an inexpensive way to store hair products, hair accessories, lotions, brushes or anything else your teen needs to have within easy reach. Use a suction cup or a Command Hook to adhere to the wall. 

Image Source: Socialwiki

Wall-Mounted Hair Dryer Holder

Great for guys and girls, this inexpensive wall-mounted hair dryer holder will make getting ready in the morning a breeze. If you like this one, you can purchase it HERE!


Glass Canisters for Well… Anything

Everything from nail polish to scrunchies can easily be stored in glass canisters like this. Easy and inexpensive! 

Image Source: Angela Lanter

Wire Mesh Baskets Declutter Sink Area

Declutter the bathroom sink area with inexpensive wire mesh baskets like these – perfect for holding makeup, shampoo, lotions, brush/combs, aftershave, cologne, and more. 

Image Source: Useful Beautiful Home

Everyone Gets Their Own

If your kids share a bathroom, this is a great way idea to keep the tub area neat and give each of your kids their own space for shampoo, conditioner, razors, etc. 

Image Source: Big Ideas Little Victories

Acrylic Organizer Keeps Makeup within Arms Reach

If your daughter is anything like mine, her makeup is EVERYWHERE! To help her stay organized, I purchased her an acrylic organizer to keep on her bathroom counter. Now, getting ready in the morning is a breeze!

Image Source: Like to Know It


Containment is Key

When it comes to keeping tweens and teens organized, it’s all about having enough containers and small organization tools to make their lives a little easier. 

Image Source: Our Fifth House

Organized to a “T”

Not every teen is lucky enough to have a closet THIS big, but what we love about this picture is the array of ideas to pull from. Simple shelving paired with plenty of mesh drawers and pockets to store shoes, purses and clothes gives this space an A+ in our book!

Image Source: Inspirations and Celebrations

Dollar Store Bins for T-Shirts

Rather than folding t-shirts and stuffing them in drawers, purchase inexpensive bins at the Dollar Store, roll the t-shirts and pop the bins on their closet shelf. 

Image Source: Lifes Amazing

Use “S” Hooks to Hang Jeans

Here’s a clever way to get your teen’s jeans off the floor and hung in the closet – inexpensive “S” hooks! It doesn’t get much easier than that! 

Image Source: Simply Spaced

Vary Shelving Height

Organizing closets can be tricky, especially when you’re working in a tight space. One of the best ways to max out space and give everything in your teen’s closet a “home,” is to vary the height of additional smaller shelves to accommodate all their needs. To see this closet organized five different ways, visit Lela Burris.

Image: Lela Burris

Put a Dresser in the Closet

If you’re tight on space, consider putting a dresser in the closet. Although you give up floor space, you add valuable drawer space while still leaving room above it for hanging clothes or shelves.

Image Source: BHG.com

Fold It

Not everything in your teen’s closet should be hung. In fact, according to organization experts, folding is the way to go! Consider folding things like sweatshirts, jeans and t-shirts which will tidy up the closet and give them more hanging space. 

Image Source: BHG.com


Clever Crate Use

Who knew you could do so much with a few inexpensive crates? This study area would be a great addition to any teen’s bedroom (a coat of paint would transform the look) and help them stay organized all year long!

Image Source: homensdacasa.net

Use a Ladder Desk to Free Up Space

This ladder desk not only frees up valuable space, it offers additional shelving for items such as books, school supplies and a few decorative accessories. Add a Command Hook next to the desk so your teen has a place to keep their backpack. 

Image Source: Houzz

More Creative Crate Use

As opposed to mounting the crates on the wall, trying stacking them to use as the base of a desk. Don’t like the color? An inexpensive can of spray paint can transform the color to match any bedroom! 

Image Source: Tidy Life Happy Wife

Cheerful Study Area

There’s plenty of cool ideas here! Simple shelving makes a great desk area and the bulletin boards offer space to pin her favorite pictures, notes and memorabilia.

Image Source: The Container Store

Use Cube Organizers

Simple cube organizers can transform even the most cluttered desk area into a cool and functional space that makes homework and studying a whole lot easier. 

Image Source: The Country Cottage

Bookshelf Room Divider

If space allows in your teen’s bedroom, one way to create a study/homework area is to add a simple bookshelf room divider. Not only does it separate the room, it offers additional space for organizing books, bins and school supplies. 

Image Source: Janina Mirjam

Pegboard Transforms This Desk Area

It’s crazy how inexpensive things you wouldn’t think to use completely transform a space! This inexpensive pegboard is the perfect remedy to keep your teen’s desk area neat and organized. And, you can spray paint it any color you like! 

Image Source: Aimee Weaver Designs

Dry Erase Calendar Decal Track of Dates and Homework Assignments

Keeping track of homework assignment due dates, events, club meetings and gatherings with friends gets a lot easier when your teen has a calendar right above their desk. 

Image Source: PBT

Plastic Drawer Organizers Keep it Tidy

Everything from paper clips and sticky notes to pens and a stapler will have its own place when you add a few plastic organizers in your teen’s desk drawer. 

Image Source: I Heart Organizing

Wire Baskets Give Everything a Place

Simple wire baskets keep everything on these shelves perfectly neat and tidy. And, they’re not over the top expensive. 

Image Source: Me and My Big Ideas

Cool Charging Station

There are actually more than a few DIY charging stations you can find on Pinterest, but this one caught our eye. This handy charging station lets your teen keep their Apple Watch, AirPods (if they have one) and cell phone right next to them on their nightstand (or in the kitchen if you’re not a fan of gadgets in the bedroom). You can find this one HERE


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