18 Crazy Good Muffin Tin Recipes That Make the Perfect Teen-Friendly Snack

If you've ONLY been making muffins in your muffin tins, you've been missing out!

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 18 Crazy Good Muffin Tin Recipes That Make the Perfect Teen-Friendly Snack

Teens today are always on the go! Whether they’re dashing out the door to school, heading to practice or after-school clubs, or rushing to make it to their part-time job on time, they don’t have a ton of time in their day to relax and sit down to a good home-cooked meal. 

Rather than let your teen fill up on crummy drive-thru food, why not whip up a few of these muffin tin recipes that are perfect for any on-the-go teen? Many require just a handful of ingredients, some require more (but they’re so worth it), but ALL are totally delicious and hand-picked with teens in mind!

Give your teen something yummy to grab on their way out the door or something to look forward to when they come home from school. Check out these crazy good muffin tin recipes that make the perfect teen-friendly snack!

18 Crazy Good Muffin Tin Recipes That Make the Perfect Teen-Friendly Snack


Egg and Toast Cups

Your “running late for school” teen is going to love these delicious grab n’ go Egg and Toast Cups. Just roll out the bread and slice it in half, place it into a muffin tin, crack an egg inside and bake! It’s that easy! Sprinkle on a little bacon because… well, bacon makes everything taste better.

Find the recipe at Fork and Beans HERE


Homemade Tater Tots

If your teen hasn’t had a tater tot recently, these will remind them just how delish they are. And, THESE tots are a better-for-you alternative than the frozen stuff in the grocery stores. 

Find the recipe at Well Plated HERE


Scrumptious Spinach Puffs

Whip up a batch of these for an easy grab n’ go breakfast or they make a great movie night snack for your teen and their friends. Shhhh… they don’t need to know how GOOD spinach is for them! 

Find the recipe at Well Plated HERE


Peanut Butter Brownie Cups

There are only two things you need to know about this recipe… #1 Only four ingredients are needed to make them and #2 YES, they really DO taste as good as they look!! With teens in the house, these won’t stick around long!

Find the recipe at Baked Perfection HERE


Cheese n’ Bacon Hash Browns

Seriously… is there anything better than the taste of hashbrowns and bacon? (Your teen is gonna love these!) Add in an egg and you’ll have a winning snack for any time of day!

Find the recipe at Recipe Tin Treats HERE


Crunchy Taco Cups

Give your teen something to look forward to when they walk in the door after school or when they hunker down to watch a movie. They’re easy and delish!

Find the recipe at Kevin and Amanda HERE


Keto Cheesecake Bites

These crustless Keto Cheesecake Bites will make your teen’s tastebuds (and yours) do a happy dance! Only six ingredients to make these, too!

Find the recipe at Wholesome Yum HERE


Mini Garlic Monkey Bread

You might want to break out more than one muffin tin for this recipe. They’re SO garlicky and good, they’ll be gobbled up by your hungry teen in a flash! 

Find the recipe at Damn Delicious HERE


Loaded Baked Omelet Muffins

Toss in ham, bacon, sausage, cheese, veggies, and anything else your teen might love! They make the perfect breakfast or after-school snack!

Find the recipe at Skinny Taste HERE


Chocolate Chip Pancake Poppers

Got a teen who loves chocolate chip pancakes but they don’t have time to sit down for breakfast? Give these Chocolate Chip Pancake Poppers a try! They can eat these while they’re on the way to the bus stop! (Cut down on time by using boxed pancake mix.)

Find the recipe at The Idea Room HERE


Granola Cups with Fresh Fruit

Now your teen can take their granola on the go – top with fresh fruit and it makes a great snack anytime!

Find the recipe at Just a Taste HERE


Apple Crisp Mini Cheesecakes (162k shares on Pinterest!)

Bite-sized treats with full-size flavor, these tasty Apply Crisp Cheesecakes take a bit of time to prepare, but oh… they’re so worth it! 

Find the recipe at OMG Chocolate Desserts HERE


Mini Deep Dish Pizza Cups

Sure, you can toss in a frozen pizza, but these Mini Deep Dish Pizza Cups are way more fun. Perfect snack for your teen and their friends. (And, since the recipe only calls for 5 ingredients, your teen can whip these up themselves!)

Find the recipe at Yummly HERE


Bacon-Wrapped Eggs

Okay… let’s be honest, what teen can resist bacon? Paired with a high-protein egg, they’ll be set for the day!

Find the recipe at Pure Wow HERE


Peanut Butter ‘Smores Cookie Cups

Is there anything better than ‘smores? EXCEPT maybe ‘smores with peanut butter. 

Find the recipe at Buns in My Oven HERE


BBQ Chicken Jalapeno Poppers

Creamy, spicy Jalapeno Poppers loaded with bacon, chicken, and barbecue sauce, stuffed into a crispy wonton! Your teen might just stay home for this recipe. Only 5 minutes to make!

Find the recipe at The Recipe Rebel HERE


Cheesy Red Pepper Frittata Muffin Cups

Light and fluffy egg and Cheesy Red Pepper Frittata Muffins take a few more ingredients than most muffin tin recipes, but if it keeps your teen coming back for more, it’s worth it. 

Find the recipe at Delightful Mom Food HERE


Easy Egg Muffin Poppers – 9 Delicious Variations!

These Egg Muffin Poppers are naturally gluten-free, low-carb, keto-friendly, and super easy to make! Plus, you can make them ahead of time to have in the fridge for a quick breakfast or snack. With so many different variations, there’s bound to be one your teen will love!

Find the recipe at Life Made Sweeter HERE


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