25 Great Summer Jobs for Teens

Summertime is the perfect time for teens to make a few extra bucks AND learn important life skills

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 25 Great Summer Jobs for Teens / Post updated 4/2024

Written by: Morgan Hill

Ahhh… it’s almost summer break and for a lot of teens, life will be a whole lot easier. But rather than hanging out all summer and being bored, why not encourage your teen to make a few extra bucks by taking up a part-time summer job?

While your teenager definitely needs some much-needed downtime after a busy and stressful school year, a part-time summer job can give them a huge sense of accomplishment, help them rack up a little spending money (so you’re not constantly dishing out money), teach them valuable life skills and give them an opportunity to make new friends. Plus, let’s face it, summer jobs look great on a college resume!

Whether your teen wants to coach kids, be the neighborhood pet sitter, or learn a bit about the restaurant business, there’s a summer job out there for them! Here are 25 great summer jobs for teens that will give your kiddo just enough responsibility and some much-needed cash.

25 Great Summer Jobs for Teens


#1 Camp Counselor

A classic summer job if your son or daughter enjoys working with younger kids. Check out job sites like Indeed.com and SimplyHired for local job listings in your area. 

#2 Babysitter

Another tried and true summer job for teens who have a way with younger kids, babysitting typically pays a good hourly rate and depending on how old the kids are, it can be a fun (and easy) way to spend the summer. Hanging out at the pool, doing arts and crafts, and fun outings to the park are all part of the job. 

#3 Tutor

Is your teenager particularly strong in a subject? There are tons of in-person and online opportunities. They can even reach out to friends and neighbors with younger kids to see if their kids could use extra help in a particular subject. Plus, it pays pretty well!

#4 Dog Walker

Does your teen love animals, exercise and being outdoors? This is a great job opportunity for a regular gig that will likely last well beyond summer.

#5 Pet Sitting

Your teen can make a few bucks this summer by taking care of friends’ and neighbors’ pets. Feeding pets, taking dogs for walks and providing companionship is a fun way to spend the summer when you’re an animal lover. 

#6 Local Theme Park or Carnival Worker

Whether it’s a local carnival coming to your area or a major theme park like Six Flags, Disney World/Land or Dollywood, if your teen loves the action of roller coasters and crowds, there are plenty of job opportunities at carnivals and theme parks. From a ride attendant to working a concessions stand, it’s a fun way to spend the summer.

#7 Barista

A local coffee spot or a major coffee chain like Starbucks will train your teen to make everything from a simple pot of coffee to a Caramel Frappuccino, plus everything in between. The cool part about working as a barista is that they’ll likely never be bored and time will pass quickly since most coffee shops are buzzin’ with customers. 

#8 House or Plant Sitter

For neighbors looking for someone to keep an eye on their home and/or water their plants while they’re away, your teen can pop in from time to time to make sure all is okay on the homefront and water plants – an easy peasy part-time job that doesn’t require any major skill at all. Plus, totally flexible hours. 

#9 Host or Hostess

Got a teen who makes a good first impression? Are they comfortable working with the public? Chances are they’d make a terrific host or hostess at a local restaurant. And, if they’re interested in the restaurant business as a future profession, it’s a great way to learn the ropes and get an inside glimpse of what goes into running a restaurant. 

#10 Cashier

Is your teen quick? Are they a whiz with money, technology and making change? Being a cashier is an easy way to earn a few extra bucks this summer.

#11 Lifeguard

Is your teen a strong swimmer? Neighborhood or city pools, lakes or even nearby beaches are always looking for qualified lifeguards to keep watch on swimmers. They’ll likely have to learn a few rescue techniques and become CPR certified, but many companies who hire lifeguards spring for the cost for qualified applicants. 

#12 Golf Caddy or Golf Cart Attendant

Got a teen who enjoys golf? Then being a golf caddy or golf cart attendant at a local golf course or country club is the summer job for them! It’s a fun, fast-paced environment that typically involves “big tippers” if you’re good at your job. Plus, most golf courses allow employees to play for free so your teen can work and improve their golf game.

#13 Sports League Assistant Coach

If your teen loves basketball or football, soccer or lacrosse, have them check out places like the local YMCA or even summer sports leagues for coaching or assistant coaching opportunities. Not only is it a great summer job, it’s a great way for your teen to pass on their sports expertise to rising athletes. 

#14 Clerk

Working behind the counter or on the floor at a local convenience store or other business will offer your teen great experience in customer service, money via cashiering, technology and even business skills.

#15 Referee

Is there a sport your teen is passionate about? Working as a referee at a local recreation center or league is a great way for them to continue doing what they love while passing their passion on to the next generation. 

#16 Waiter or Waitress

The hourly pay may not be worth mentioning, but depending on where your teen works and how busy the restaurant is, they can cash out big at the end of the day with tips. It might sound easy, enough but a great waiter or waitress needs to be personable, quick on their feet, highly organized, great at multi-tasking, and have a sharp memory. 

#17 Driver

Your older teen (who has a stellar driving record) may be of service to senior citizens by driving them to doctor’s appointments or on errands. If they’re 19 years of age (or older) they could also deliver food with Uber Eats. 

#18 Yard Worker

If your teen is looking for a chance to work outside and they don’t mind physical labor, mowing lawns, pulling weeds and trimming hedges could be a great summer job (or even a year-round job). Plus, it’s great exercise!

#19 Fast Food

Whether they’re taking orders and accepting payment at the check-out window or slinging burgers on the grill, fast food workers oftentimes get free (or reduced) meals during their shift and an opportunity to eat at their favorite place all summer long. 

#20 Supermarket Shelver or Bagger

Whether it’s a big grocery store chain or a small mom-and-pop store at the corner market, your teen can pick up a few extra summer bucks shelving or bagging groceries. It’s not most exciting job in the world, but it’s a great way to improve their people and organization skills. 

#21 Retail Sales Associate

Does your teen have a favorite store? Maybe they love flowers or clothes, technology or shoes! See if they’re hiring! This is also a great chance for them to get some behind-the-scenes business experience and customer service experience. Plus, chances are they’ll get a nice discount at the store! 

#22 Movie Theater Ticket Seller or Collector

Whether they’re working at the counter selling tickets or collecting tickets as patrons enter the theater, movie buffs might just love working in a theater where they may earn discounted or free movies!

#23 Office Clerk

Looking for an opportunity to be in air conditioning all summer? All sorts of businesses from law offices to local stores can use some office help, whether filing or copying. This is also a solid opportunity to make connections for future paid internships.

#24 Car Washer

Does your teen love cars? This job might be a little more physically demanding than other jobs, but it’s a great way for your teen to get an up-close look at every car on the road! Now they can start saving for their car!

#25 Kennel Assistant

If your teen loves animals, working as a kennel assistant at an animal shelter or veterinary clinic could be the summer job for them. They’ll be in charge of taking animals on walks, feeding and caring for them and playing with them. They may also check-in guests who visit the animals or greet guests who are dropping off dogs and cats.

About Morgan Hill:

Morgan Hill is an essayist and humorist. She has written for many online and print publications including Insider, Your Teen Magazine, Revel and MASK Magazine. She is the mother of freshman and senior sons in high school. When not writing, she can be found at flea markets, in her garden, photographing architecture, taking cooking classes or eating the stinkiest cheese she can find. You can also find her on Twitter @MorganHWrites or Instagram @MorganHillWriter

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