Best After-Prom Party Ideas 2024 | 12 Safe and Fun After-Prom Party Ideas for Teens

Here's how to keep the memories going strong

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 12 Best After-Prom Party Ideas  – Post updated 2024

Written by: Marybeth Bock

Prom is one of the most memorable nights in our kids’ lives, which is exactly why they want to enjoy the night for as long as they can.

Rather than closing down the night after the dance, most prom-goers are looking for fun ways to keep the party going strong – not only that evening but straight into the next day!

And, who can blame them? After all, they spent countless hours planning the night, countless dollars on the perfect dress, tux, accessories, and all the extras, and countless hours waiting in anticipation for the night to finally arrive. 

That’s why we asked around and gathered cool ideas from parents, previous prom-goers and high schoolers to find out what after-prom party ideas are hot right now!

Some of these ideas are low-key and inexpensive, some cost a bit more. Some may require chaperone(s), while others won’t. Some of these may take a bit more planning, while others can be enjoyed spur of the moment. But ALL of these ideas are safe, fun and can be a total blast for teens who want nothing more than to spend just a little more time relishing one of the most memorable nights of their lives.  

If you’re looking for the best after-prom party ideas, check out these ideas for inspiration! 

12 Best After-Prom Party Ideas 


#1 Check into an Instagram-Worthy Hotel 

What better way to close out an amazing evening than by checking into a cool, Instagram-worthy hotel with your besties or buddies? Keep your eye on hotel deals. In many cases, you can find a great hotel with a pool and a hot tub for under $200 a night which will keep costs at $50 or under if you room with three other people. Also, depending on the size of the group staying in the hotel, you may be able to get a discount on rooms. (An adult chaperone will likely be required for teenagers to book a room. – simply book a room down the hall so the kids have plenty of freedom, but you can still keep a watchful eye on them.)


#2 Plan a “Day After ” Day Trip

For a lot of high schoolers, prom doesn’t end after the dance is over. In fact, for many, the fun continues well into the evening and often, straight into the next day! For a fun, low-key way to spend the day after prom, grab hold of your besties and plan a fun day trip. Whether you head to the beach, the mountains, a tourist spot, or somewhere cool you’ve been dying to see, there are tons of places to visit – all within a day’s drive from home. 


#3 Host an End-of-Evening Pizza Party 

Considering most teenagers are night owls, when the dance is over (typically around 11 p.m.) they’re still raring to go! Keep the night going strong by hosting a fun pizza party! Order (or make) a few pizzas, break out the games, let them watch Netflix, or just give them the freedom to talk and hang out – it’s what teenagers love! 


#4 Backyard Bonfire (with S’Mores, of Course)

What better way to close out prom night than by hanging with your friends around a warm fire reminiscing about the night? Whether it’s a firepit in someone’s backyard or a designated area for bonfires or firepits at a local park, break out the marshmallows, Hershey’s chocolate, and graham crackers for s’mores along with a few hot dogs and drinks for a fun night they’ll never forget. Don’t forget to add music to the mix and supply a few blankets so everyone stays cozy!


#5 Host a Giant Game & Snacks Night

Offer up your house (or agree to help another parent host at their house) for a fun night of games and snackin’. Gather up lots of board games and tabletop games, break out the popular video games, set up backyard lawn games (if there’s room and the weather is agreeable), or even get fancy and rent casino-type games. Serve easy snacks like popcorn or pizza and pull out extra blankets and pillows for those who want to just crash on your couch and watch Netflix. 


#6 Grab a Midnight Snack with the Gang

Whether you go directly after the dance or go home and change into something comfy, simply Google “late-night food options near me” to get a glimpse of what the gang may want to chow down on after prom. (Because we all know teenagers are always hungry.) Diners are known for staying open until early morning, and a lot of restaurants and dessert spots (especially near college campuses) have later hours. If all else fails, there are plenty of drive-throughs for teens to grab their favorite food and take it back to someone’s house where the parents are home and awake.


#7 Laser Tag OR Arcade 

Most laser tag places are open into the wee hours of the morning on the weekends, so it’s a great option for teens to hit up after the prom ends. Many of these venues also have activities like virtual reality experiences, an arcade and video gaming area, pool tables, and even rock-climbing walls. It’s a fantastic place for teens to hang out where everyone can find something they like to do, and food is available as well.


#8 Go Glamping

“Glamping”- a mashup of “glamour” and “camping” is one of the busiest buzzwords in the outdoor world. It’s basically an elevated camping experience that ramps up comfort and convenience in a semi-roughin’ it way, so it feels a whole lot more like home. The best part is, there are no steadfast rules and it’s inexpensive! Whether you pitch a tent(s) in someone’s backyard or atop a mountain, go all out with cozy “feels like home” add-ons. Serve fancy appetizers, and non-alcoholic champagne in champagne glasses, add lots of comfy pillows, and set the mood with your favorite music – all while gazing up at the star-filled night sky. This is a night you and your friends will never forget. (A chaperone may be required.)


#9 Host a Karaoke Night

Another fun late-night activity for teens who want to keep the prom vibe going is karaoke. Many karaoke places have reasonably priced private rooms for small groups to rent out, in addition to a public stage. This is nice because there aren’t long waits to get your turn and no public embarrassment for those who may be a little shy in front of strangers. Most karaoke places serve snack-type food and beverages to keep the energy going. It’s a good idea to reserve rooms in advance. 


#10 Plan a “Next Day” Lake or Beach Day

If you’re fortunate to live in a warmer climate, why not plan a “day after prom” lake or beach day? You can either summon a parent who’s comfortable navigating a boat, hire someone to serve as captain for the day, or skip the boat idea altogether and simply rent jet skis for the day!  Be sure to bring all the lake/beach “toys” including a frisbee, volleyball net, and Spikeball! This is one of the more expensive after-prom party ideas and an adult or two will need to be involved in the rental process, but it’s a great way to hang out with friends and keep the memories going strong well after the dance! 


#11 Plan a “Next Day” Adventure

Wake up early the day after prom and head out on an amazing adventure! Catch the sunrise on top of a mountain, head to an amusement park, hike a mountain, go zip-lining, go tubing down a river, go paddleboarding or canoeing, check out all the cool museums in the city, go rock climbing, ice skating, go-karting, rollerblading or anything else that sounds fun to you and your friends! The possibilities are endless! In the end, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re together with your friends making fabulous, life-long memories!


#12 Rent an Airbnb for the Night (or Weekend)

This idea is on the “higher cost” spectrum and it definitely requires chaperones, but it can be a fun and safe way for teenagers to hang out after the dance and enjoy the next day hanging out by a pool, playing volleyball in the backyard or (if it’s too chilly to be outside) just chilling out together. Depending on the size of the house rented, the cost can actually be fairly reasonable per person. (My daughter and a group of her friends did this after her senior prom and it was a blast! An adult rented the house, everyone pitched in for food, snacks, and drinks and several parents were on sight to keep everything in check and make an amazing breakfast spread for the kids the next morning.)


There are so many fun and safe ways to keep the memories of prom going strong through the night and into the next day! Share your ideas with us! What are your best after-prom party ideas?

A Note to Parents: No matter what your teen ends up doing after prom, talk beforehand about your rules in the event someone brings alcohol to an after-party as well as the utmost importance of never drinking and driving. Never allow alcohol or drugs of any kind in your home. You are legally responsible for anything that occurs to an impaired, underage guest and it’s simply not worth the risk. 

Here’s to a fun and safe prom night, with memories that will last forever!

Marybeth Bock, MPH, is Mom to two young adults and one delightful hound dog. She has logged time as a military spouse, childbirth educator, college instructor, and freelance writer. She lives in Arizona and thoroughly enjoys research and writing – as long as iced coffee is involved. Her work can be found on numerous websites and in two books. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.



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