DIY Finals Week College Care Packages: 12 Ideas to Take the Pressure Off

Simple, heartfelt care package ideas to let them know you care

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: DIY Finals Week College Care Packages: 12 Ideas to Take the Pressure Off

And just like that, another school year is coming to a close and college students everywhere are ramping up for finals week.

No matter how well they prepare, finals week is stressful. There are typically more than a few late nights studying and cramming, hours upon hours in the college library and a whole lot of caffeine just to stay awake and energized. 

If you’re the parent of a college student, why not send your child a “box of love from home” to show your support through these tough days and weeks ahead? 

We rounded up 12 DIY finals week college care packages that are sure to make your child feel loved and supported AND put a huge smile on their face! 

(Just a heads up… an awesome finals care package doesn’t have to cost a fortune! You can pick up inexpensive items at the grocery store, The Dollar Store, Target, Walmart and even craft stores – keep your eye on sales!)


DIY Finals Weeks College Care Packages: 12 Ideas to Take the Pressure Off


Don’t Stress, Do Your Best

What every college kid needs to be reminded of… just do your best! Packed with snacks and drinks to keep them going strong all week, this exam survival box is the perfect remedy to take the pressure off. 

Image: The Downsized Life


Orange You Glad This Semester is Almost Over?

This clever take on words makes the perfect college finals care package! Just head to the nearest grocery store (or Dollar Store) and fill the box with “everything orange!”  It’s easy, creative and fun!

Image: Pinterest


Exams? No Prob Llama!

It doesn’t get much cuter than this! Let your favorite college student know that exams are “No Prob Llama!” Just a few fun box decorations can really make a standout care package! 

Image: Unicorn Dreaming


Hang in There

Help your teen hang on during finals week with this adorable and creative care package. Just a few supplies are needed to pull this memorable package together.

Image: Pinterest


Finals Survival Kit

What we love about this finals care package is that it includes healthy snacks to keep their energy up along with a few essentials they’ll need to make finals week easier, including pencils, highlighters and a phone charger. 

Image: Wondermom Wannabe


Filled with Love

Perfect for spring final exams, this care package is filled with love! Add cute notes like they did here to make it extra special. This is one care package they’ll never forget!

Image: Audience of One


Something to Look Forward to Every Day

How clever is this idea? Grab a few inexpensive drawstring bags at the craft store, number them and fill them with special treats your student will love including gift cards, gum, their favorite snack or drink, markers, or anything else you think they might love. Then, add a special note like this one. They’ll flip!

Image: The Country Chic Cottage


It’s Crunch Time

How cute is THIS idea? Fill this “crunch time” care package with everything crunchy and a few inspiring words to get your favorite student totally pumped for their exams.

Image: Blupla


Happy Finals Week

Help them approach finals week with a smile with a fun care package like this one! Heartfelt notes of love and encouragement from home will give them the lift they need. 

Image: Pinterest


All the Essentials They Need

From Advil and snacks to highlighters and a celebratory shot (non-alcoholic, of course), this DIY finals care package has all the essentials they need to breeze through the week like a college pro.

Image: Lilies and Loafers


Midnight Munchies

Those midnight munchies strike when you least expect it – especially when you’re up late cramming for finals. This midnight munchies care package has everything they need to keep them going strong and curb those late-night hunger pangs. Plus, it’s just so darn fun!

Image: Creative Art Room


Bag of Goodies

Add a touching quote to the outside of a bag or box and fill it with things you know they’ll love! Any college student would flip over this simple, yet heartfelt care package from home!

Image: Clarks Condensed


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