18+ Crazy Cute Easter Charcuterie Boards Your Family’s Gonna Love

Because nothing brings a family with teenagers together more than a festive array of food!

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 18 Crazy Cute Easter Charcuterie Boards Your Family’s Gonna Love

Nothing can bring a family together more than a festive array of beautifully presented food – especially when it comes to always hungry teenagers!

While traditional charcuterie boards are typically made with meat, cheese, fruit, and other goodies, an Easter charcuterie board takes things to a whole new level with springtime sweets and a rainbow of colors that are just too tempting to pass up! And, the beauty of charcuterie boards (or what some call grazing or snack boards) is that really, anything goes! 

The assortment of food or treats, the presentation, the size and shape of the board or tray you choose to use, the way you mix those amazing flavors together… it’s ALL up to you! There isn’t a right or wrong way to prepare a charcuterie board. 

So… if you’re looking to make Easter egg-stra special this year for your family, check out these crazy cute (and oh...so easy) Easter charcuterie boards that are festive, flavorful, and show-stoppin’ good! Here are 18 crazy cute charcuterie boards your family’s gonna love!

18 Crazy Cute Easter Charcuterie Boards Your Family’s Gonna Love


Sweeter Than Springtime Board

How cute is this charcuterie board? And… so easy to recreate! Just buy a variety of Easter and spring-colored candy and treats and arrange them on a pretty platter or board. Nothin’ to it and your family will flip!

Image Credit: Dukes and Duchesses


A Little Sweet, A Little Salty Board

Perfect for brunch or as a tempting tray before dinner, this sweet & salty board has a little bit of everything. Prepare half the board with meat, cheese, veggies, and crackers and the other half with pretty Easter candy – so easy!

Image Credit: Domesticated Life


Hop on Over Bunny Board

You can find cute (and typically inexpensive) bunny trays and platters at stores like Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Target, or online and make an adorable presentation by filling the tray with colorful fruit, cheese, meat, and sprigs of flowers. Perfect as an Easter dinner appetizer.

Image Credit: KorverFarms on Instagram


Egg-Stra Special Dessert Board

Anyone who’s a little intimidated by the idea of creating a charcuterie or grazing board will find this one super easy to recreate! Just line up your favorite pretty springtime treats on an oval egg-shaped platter and you’ll have a presentation that will wow your family!

Image Credit: AintTooProudtoMeg on Instagram


Bunny Veggie Board

How cute and clever is this veggie snack board? It’s incredibly easy to recreate and it’s so festive and fun! Put your teens in charge of making this… they’ll have a blast!

Image Credit: Pinterest


Easter Breakfast Board

With waffles, yummy hot cross buns, and a few sweet treats, I’m not sure there’s a teen out there who wouldn’t love this breakfast board!

Image Credit: Oh So Busy Mom


Colorful Spring Flowers Board

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner! Celebrate the season with this colorful grazing board that will stop your family in their bunny tracks! 

Image Credit: A Pumpkin and a Princess


Perfectly Pastel Board

Add a little Easter fun to your table with this perfectly pastel desert board. It’s super simple to recreate and will add such a festive flair to your tablescape!

Image Credit: Home of Little on Instagram


Easter Fruit Pizza (371K Shares on Pinterest!)

While not your “traditional” grazing board, this fruit pizza is the ultimate Easter recipe! Serve this beautiful fruit pizza for breakfast, brunch, or even as a light Easter dessert. It has a sugar cookie crust shaped like an Easter egg, a generous layer of strawberry frosting, and LOTS of fresh, flavorful fruit.

Find the recipe at Sugar Hero HERE


Something for Everyone Grazing Board

This beautiful board has it ALL! From meat and cheese to pretty in-season fruit and veggies. It’s elegant, but not too elegant to serve up to a bunch of hungry teens. 

Image Credit: Modern Bri on Instagram


Easter S’mores Board

What’s better than an Easter charcuterie board? Well… an Easter S’mores board, of course! 

Image Credit: Picnic Grazing Co on Instagram


Some Bunny Loves You Grazing Board

This traditional grazing board with meat, fruit, cheese, and veggies couldn’t be any more precious. Stumped on how to make the pretty meat rosettes? Check out this tutorial! You won’t believe how easy it is!!

Image Credit: Bardelli Boards on Instagram


Springtime Candy & Cookies Board

This precious springtime candy & cookies board is almost too cute to eat! How clever and creative that they incorporated cotton candy into the mix, too! 

Image Credit: Kelley Nan


Colorful Easter Basket

The beauty of charcuterie boards is that really, anything goes! You can get as creative as you like with flavors, textures, colors, and even the container you use! This colorful Easter basket brimming with amazing flavors is a total show-stopper!

Image Credit: Pinterest


Spring into Easter Board

How pretty is this board? With a variety of flavors and colors, there’s something for everyone on this beautiful board. Fresh flowers add a special springtime touch, too!

Image Credit: Beacon Hill Boards on Instagram


Easy Easter Snack Board

Small floral and rabbit-shaped bowls turn this ordinary snack board into extraordinary! Just enough for two or three people, but special enough to make a stand-out presentation!

Image Credit: Party Pinching


Bunnies n’ Butterflies Board

This adorable grazing board goes to show you just how creative and fun you can be! Displayed in an inexpensive woven hat, this board is as cute as it can be! 

Image Credit: Board and Bottle on Instagram


Colorful Carrot Veggie Tray

Looking for a fun, festive, and super EASY way to arrange your veggie platter this Easter? This is IT!

Image Credit: Party Wowzy

Easter Sugar Delight Board

If sugar is what your family loves, then this board is for them! Filled with every Easter sweet treat imaginable, they’re sure to find their favorites on this board!

Image Credit: Macy Blackwell


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