Simple Ideas to Declutter Your Teen’s Bedroom (Plus, Functional & Fun Finds to Keep it Organized)

by Nancy Reynolds


Let’s face it, most teenagers are, well… total slobs. 

Piles of clothes scattered all over the floor, empty cereal bowls and water bottles on the nightstand and clothes hanging out of the drawers… even though it’s all pretty normal (and predictable) behavior, it’s still frustrating, to say the least.

When our kids hit the teen years, their bedroom becomes far more than simply a place to sleep. It becomes their retreat. It’s where they crash after a long day, relax after school, study for tests, hang out with friends and escape to be alone, which is exactly why it’s so important to make it a haven they love.

Now that we’re heading into a new year, it’s a great time for you to help your teen declutter their room once and for all and create a special and organized place they can call home.

Here you’ll find a few practical ideas to help you whip your teen’s bedroom into shape in no time! And, if you’re looking for a little extra inspiration, scroll down to see a few fun and functional finds that just might make organizing and cleaning their room a little easier.



Start by Decluttering: Keep, Donate, or Toss

Give your teen a fresh start by systematically organizing everything in their bedroom into one of three categories: keep, donate or toss.

Start with the closet and help your teen pull everything out and sort items into three separate piles. Work your way around the room sifting through storage areas, under their bed, drawers, and shelves until everything in the room is something your teen either wants to keep, chooses to donate or feels needs to be tossed. (Don’t be surprised if your “too cool for toys” teen decides he or she wants to keep a few childhood stuffed animals. Teenagers are a lot more sentimental than we realize!)

Although this exercise takes some time and effort, knowing exactly what your teen wants to keep or get rid of will make organizing their room much easier in the long run. Plus, by the time you sift out all the unwanted items, you might be surprised just how much extra room you have.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Teenagers have a way of attracting a lot of clutter.  Keeping their room neat and organized starts by giving them a place for everything. Offer plenty of functional storage areas such as a bookcase or wall-mounted adjustable shelving which is great to store books, showcase collectibles or trophies, or store anything else your teen would like to display and have within easy reach.

To maximize space, choose items that are multi-functional like a bench or ottoman with built-in storage space. Give the room personality along with valuable storage space by using creative items like refurbished lockers or fun colorful canvas baskets to store items. Stackable bins are also great for bulky items like sweaters or sweatshirts.

If space allows, a desk with drawers will not only add more storage space but will also give them a perfect place, separate from the rest of the room,  to study and do homework. (Image compliments of DigsDigs).

The Closet: From Cluttered to Clean

Because most teenagers find it far easier to throw their clothes on the floor rather than hanging them up in the closet, it’s important to give them plenty of easy solutions to put their clothes away.

A few multi-pocket hanging closet organizers are great for sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans, and sweatpants. A sturdy shoe rack is a must and collapsible storage bins work great for storing items they don’t need every day. And, don’t forget to add in a hamper or laundry bag that’s big enough for all their dirty clothes.

For girls, special hangers designed for scarves and purses are a must for keeping everything they need within easy reach. And, if you still need more room and space allows, add a few stackable clear bins for all those extra items that need a home such as papers and mementos.  (Image compliments of Storage Solutions).

The Extras Make All the Difference

There are so many clever and handy storage solutions on the market these days. Everything from over-the-door valet organizers and wall-mounted jewelry organizers to rolling carts and nifty desktop organizers – each offering its own unique solution depending on your child’s organizational needs.

Sometimes even the smallest (and least expensive) items can make all the difference in the world making life so much easier.

To make your child’s room a comfy haven they’re proud of, think about creating “zones” within their room for sleeping, studying and relaxing. And, don’t forget great accessories. Let your teen pick out a cozy rug, colorful wall art, and fun extras like string lights, decorative pillows, and cozy throws. Above all, because teens love their slumber, make their bed dreamy with a thick mattress pad, soft sheets, a super soft blanket, and a few comfy pillows.

Have fun with this project! With a little time, energy and creativity, you and your teen can create an awesome space that suits their individual personality and needs perfectly.  (Image compliments of Storage Solutions).

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, scroll down for a few storage and organization ideas!

Functional & Fun Finds for Teen Girls

Acrylic Makeup Holder with 21 Compartments

This handy makeup holder is all she’ll need to keep her lip gloss, blush, brushes and nail polish organized. And, the handy mirror is perfect for those quick touch-ups before she dashes out the door.


Jewelry Organizer Cabinet with Mirror

Every piece of jewelry she owns will fit nicely in this clever jewelry cabinet. Plus, when she’s ready, she’ll be able to stand back and admire herself in the full-length mirror. 



Burlap Storage Bin with Rope Handles

How cute is this burlap storage bin? Keep a couple up on her closet shelf to store sweaters, sweatshirts or all the mementos she’s collected through the years.


3-Tier Shoe Organizer

Teen girls love their shoes! Whether its Converse, high-tops, Adidas or comfy flats, they always seem to have too many shoes and not enough space to store them.  Keep all her shoes totally organized with this handy 3-tier shoe organizer that fits perfectly in a closet or in a corner in her room.

2-Pack Cami/Tank Top Hangers

These hangers are seriously one of the best little organizational pieces you can buy.  You can fit a ton of tank tops on these hangers which frees up a lot of closet space. For the price, you just can’t beat it! Hint: it’s awesome for dorms too!  (My girls both have them!)


Printed Corkboard

Declutter her desk or dresser with this cute printed cork board. It’s perfect for pinning pictures of her besties, her school schedule, important notes, and reminders, or anything else she needs to refer to often. 


3-Basket Rolling Cart for Bedroom or Bathroom

This clever rolling cart makes it super easy for her to easily grab all her favorite lotions, sprays and necessities. In the bedroom, it’s great to slide beside her bed and store books, papers or momentoes. Hint: Great for dorms too!


Desk Organizer with 6 Compartments

Not only is this desk organizer cute, it’s also functional! With six compartments including a handy drawer for paper clips or note pads, this organizer will help keep her organized all year long. 


2, 4 or 6 Cube Organizer

When it comes to teenage girls, they need all the extra space they can get. This clean and simple cube organizer makes it easy to organize! It’s perfect for storing books, trophies, mementos or anything else she chooses to display. Don’t forget to add colorful bins to tie her comforter and room colors together! 




Cool Teen Guy Picks

Multi-Tiered Leather Docking Station

This functional leather docking station is perfect for storing his phone, laptop, and tablet along with pens, scissors and more. Now he’ll actually have room on his desk to study!


Narrow Space Laundry Hamper

Perfect for smaller bedrooms where space is tight, this sleek and narrow hamper slides easily in between dressers, in the corner or along a wall. 


Collapsible Storage Bench With Drawers

This storage bench is just so darn functional! Not only is it a bench, but it also has six roomy drawers to store his books, binders or anything else he needs to keep within easy reach.


5-Shelf Vintage-Style Industrial Bookcase

This easy assembly vintage-style bookcase will give him the extra space he needs to store all his books, trophies, pictures or cool collections he wants to show off. Plus, it has a cool vibe any teen guy would love! 


Rustic Wooden Coat Rack

Hang this coat rack in his room and he might just keep his backpack and jackets off the floor. This rustic vintage wooden coat rack is loaded with style and functionality and would look amazing with any color scheme. 


Collapsible Hanging Shelf With Five Compartments

This collapsible hanging shelf is a must-have for stacking all those bulky items that never seem to fit in drawers, including sweatshirts, sweatpants or jeans. Hint: You’ll need this for his dorm too!


Over-The-Door Organizer with 43 Hooks and 7 Compartments

You really can’t beat this over-the-door organizer. Keep all his keys, hats, belts, loose change and accessories all within quick reach with 43 hooks, 7 compartments.



Durable and Sleek “No Tools To Assemble” Desk

This “no tools required to assemble” desk is sleek, functional and priced right! It offers a lot of extra storage space and has a  cool look any guy would love.


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