6 Crazy Alarm Clocks Guaranteed to Get Your Teen Out of Bed in the Morning

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 6 Crazy Alarm Clocks Guaranteed to Get Your Teen Out of Bed in the Morning

Let me start by saying I have a soft spot for teenagers who have to drag themselves out of bed early in the morning for school.

Considering the fact that so many teens stay up late studying (okay, some are just scrolling on their phones and watching Netflix) and the fact that their circadian rhythm shifts when they become teens so they get tired much later than they used to, it’s easy to see why they have trouble getting up in the morning.

Still… as much as we’d love to change the rules, like it or not, our kids still have to make it to those early morning classes. 

If moving the Rock of Gibraltar seems like an easier task than getting your teen out of bed in the morning, we’ve rounded a few alarm clocks that might just do the trick! Seriously, invest in one of these crazy clocks and you’ll finally be able to relax, have your morning cup of coffee in peace  (imagine that!), and stop begging or nagging your teen once and for all in the morning. You’ll be able to sit back and let the alarm clock do the work for you!

Here are 6 crazy alarm clocks guaranteed to get your teen out of bed in the morning.

6 Crazy Alarm Clocks Guaranteed to Get Your Teen Out of Bed 

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Sonic Bomb EXTRA Loud Alarm Clock with Super Shaker Bed Vibrator

No more pleading or yelling for your teen to get up for school. Your hard-to-wake teen who can’t seem to drag themselves out of bed in the morning won’t be able to sleep through this crazy Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Vibrator.


CLOCKY Robot Alarm Clock – It Rolls, Jumps and Hides

CLOCKY is the best wake-up call ever for teenagers! Now they’ll never be late for school! This hilarious clock with wheels will run away, hide, move, roll, wheel, beep, and jump (from up to a 3-foot nightstand). Plus, with its loud alarm clock for those extra-heavy sleepers, this clock is guaranteed to get your teen out of bed!


Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

This Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock is designed specifically for heavy sleepers. The sunrise simulation light, with 7 natural sounds, (including birdsong, ocean waves, streams, wind bells, soft music, piano music, and more), lights gradually from 10% brightness to 100% brightness within 30 minutes before the alarm goes off allowing your teen to wake up naturally. It also doubles as a bedside nightlight/reading lamp, too!



Shock Clock – Silent Vibrating/Zapping Alarm Clock

If you’ve tried everything to get your teen up in the morning and nothing seems to work, then this Shock Clock might be for them! When they set it on jumping jack mode, the only way to turn off the alarm clock is to get out of bed and do jumping jacks! It has six wake-up modes in all – zap, beep, vibration, or a combo of all three. 

Screaming Meanie Alarm Clock – The LOUDEST Alarm Clock EVER

Ranked by reviews as the overall loudest alarm clock around, the three volume levels on this Screaming Meanie Alarm Clock can best be described as loud, louder, and loudest hitting a whipping 120 decibels (similar to the volume of an ambulance siren). If THAT doesn’t wake your teen, nothin’ will! (You have to read the reviews for this clock! One user said, Having been utterly immune to all forms of alarm or urgency, I was skeptical at first of this tiny remote control. Boy was I wrong. When I was first awoken by the satanic tempest known as Screaming Meanie, I violently flung myself off my couch and scrambled to find the small green box of doom.”)



Old Fashioned Loud Alarm Clock You Just Can’t Sleep Through

According to the 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this alarm clock is nearly impossible to sleep through! Sure, it might be a little dated and not as hip-looking as some of the other alarm clocks, but sometimes the oldies work the best!


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