Just Between Us: 10 Parent & Teen Journals to Keep Your Teen Talking

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: Just Between Us: 10 Parent & Teen Journals to Keep Your Teen Talking

If you’ve ever asked your teen, “How was your day?” and only got a grunt or a shoulder shrug in response, then journaling back and forth might be for you and your teen!

If you’re like a lot of other parents of teens, getting your teen to open up and share their feelings or what’s going on in their life can be really challenging. Even worse, you might feel as though they’re drifting away.

But guess what? Teenagers love to talk about themselves and they even (gasp!) want to talk to their parents. The key is asking the right questions, and asking them in a way that allows them to answer on their own terms.

Journaling back and forth gives teens a chance to say exactly what they want to say without any pressure – no strings attached, no arguing, no lecturing, and no nagging.  Just free rein to express their feelings, thoughts, and ideas or ask any question they like on their terms.

Ask thought-provoking questions, talk about tough or “sticky” subjects, ask how they feel about their friends, school, or your relationship with them, ask about how they envision their future, or simply use it as an opportunity to express your love – journaling can do wonders for your relationship with your teen!

Stumped on which one to purchase? Here are 10 of the top-selling parent & teen journals we came across that just might be perfect for you and your teen!


10 BEST Parent & Teen Journals to Get and Keep Your Teen Talking

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#1 Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms

Have you ever wondered where your daughter would go if she could go anywhere in the universe? Have you ever wanted to ask her if she has a crush on anyone or what her hopes and dreams are? Thoughtful writing prompts like these pave the way for discussing everything from friends and school to crushes and growing up. This journal provides plenty of free space for writing about whatever comes to mind so your “conversation” can stay refreshingly open-ended.


#2 Father and Son Journal: Pass Back and Forth Between You and Me Journal

This fun and entertaining prompted journal is just the right tool you need to build your father-son relationship. Your son can reveal his deepest thoughts or feelings, you can swap stories about each other’s lives, allow your son to share his fears or worries, or just connect with unique common interests. 


#3 Mom and Son Journal: Fun, Prompted Journal to Get to Know Your Teen Son Better

Do you think you know your teen son?  This fun mom-and-son journal will help you get to know him on a much deeper level! Some of the questions include: Does your son believe in Karma?  Love at first sight?  What world problem would he solve if he was in charge for the day?  What is your son most worried about right now? What things do you say to him that annoy him the most? No essays or long answers are required! All questions are all fill-in-the-blank, checklists, or multiple choice.


#4 Father-Daughter Journal: A Pass Back and Forth Between You and Me Journal

This father-daughter journal offers a fantastic way to get close to your daughter, share stories and find out what’s in her heart through prompts, challenges, and activities. Chances are your daughter has SO much she wants to share with you, but she doesn’t know how to begin the conversation – this journal will get that conversation rolling!


#5 Gratitude Journal for Teen Girls & Moms

Sometimes, connecting with your daughter in a meaningful way can be difficult. This shared journal will help you gain a deeper understanding of your daughter and she’ll learn more about you as well! Uplifting prompts let you communicate thoughts and feelings in a safe, secure space that is just for the two of you. Together, you can build a stronger bond and create a foundation that will last a lifetime. 


#6 “We Are Awesome…So Let’s Write About It!” A Mother/Son Pass Back and Forth Journal

Would you like to know what your son might say if he was prompted to write about: “One of My Funniest Memories in Life…”  – “Some of My Heroes Are…” – “My Favorite Homemade Meals Are…” – “Three Things That I Know Are True…” – “Today I Feel Like Telling You About…” – “My Favorite Family Traditions Are …” This journal will help you learn so much more about your teen son in a fun and “no pressure” way!


#7 “I Love Us! So Let’s Write About It!” A Pass Back and Forth Mother/Daughter Journal

Would you like to know what your daughter might say if she was prompted to write about: “One of My Funniest Memories in Life…” – “What I Hope My Future Husband/Partner is Like…” – “My Favorite Homemade Meals Are…” – “Three Things That I Know Are True…” – “Some of My Life Dreams are…” – “A Scripture That Gives Me Strength…” – “Some of the Best Advice I Have Ever Been Given…” With this fun journal, you can tap into what’s in your daughter’s heart and mind!


#8 Mother and Son: Our Back and Forth Journal

This journal turns small bits of free time into a way for you and your son to connect and learn more about what your son is actually thinking! Plenty of room for open-ended comments, complaints (because every teen has a few), and so much more. You can even use this journal as a way to create a fun keepsake of your son’s “growing up” years.


#9 Hey Ma… Hey Princess: A Mother / Daughter Tell All Journal

The “Hey Ma… Hey, Princess” journal was designed to nurture the relationship between moms and their teen daughters. The journal includes 100 creative prompts so moms and daughters can really begin to spark wonderful conversations and dive into “sticky” questions with ease for those topics that may be hard to say face-to-face.


#10 A Pass Back and Forth Journal for Families: You & Me, Kiddo

Teenagers really DO want to talk to their parents. So often, they just don’t want to talk face-to-face. (Hence the reason teens open up when they’re in the car staring at the road ahead.) This journal will give your teen the chance to communicate on their terms which can open up an entirely new and open dialogue with your otherwise closed-off teen. 


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