Getting Zapped! Permanent Jewelry Is All the Rage: Here’s What You Need to Know

Don't worry, parents... it's actually a harmless AND fun trend!

by Nancy Reynolds

This Post: Getting Zapped! Permanent Jewelry Is All the Rage: Here’s What You Need to Know

Written By: Marybeth Bock

Has your teen been “zapped” yet?

If not, stay tuned… they just might be jumping on the permanent jewelry trend soon because it’s ALL the rage. 

As a mom who was a bit clueless about this trend, (let’s be honest, there are plenty of trends I’d like my kids to steer clear of), two words kinda freaked me out when I first heard about it – “permanent” and “zapped.” But don’t be alarmed, parents! Your teen won’t technically be zapped and the process doesn’t involve permanently affixing the jewelry to your teen’s skin. Whew!

In fact, it’s actually a fun and harmless trend for besties, sweethearts, and even moms and daughters. 

Getting Zapped! Permanent Jewelry Is All the Rage: Here’s What You Need to Know


What Exactly IS Permanent Jewelry?

It’s a piece of jewelry – usually a linked chain bracelet, necklace, or anklet – that is welded together instead of secured with a clasp. It’s meant to stay on forever, or until the wearer has it cut off.

As you might guess, most permanent jewelry is 10K or 14K gold, which is very durable, non-irritating, and resistant to tarnishing, so your teen can wear it in the water and not worry about damaging it. It’s also not magnetic, so it won’t set off a metal detector and can usually be worn during an MRI if needed. 

How Is Permanent Jewelry Affixed and Removed?

The process of getting permanent jewelry is surprisingly simple and quick without any discomfort. It involves choosing the chain (and any charms they’d like to add), getting fitted, and then having it welded. And, since most chains are small and delicate, the welding part of the process is often the quickest part.

While made to last forever, the jewelry can easily be removed. Depending on the thickness of the links, it can be cut off with scissors, wire cutters, or a ring cutter. Sometimes, thinner chains can stretch a bit over time, or even break. Many places that sell permanent jewelry will re-weld a piece for free or for a small fee.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price varies quite a bit depending on the material, finish, and thickness of the chain used. The extras like charms and stones (such as cubic zirconia or real diamonds) can be added to the piece if you’re looking to spend a bit more.

Quality permanent jewelry typically costs around $100 for a standard bracelet and charms start at $25. (Here are some pricing examples from Banter by Piercing Pagoda – the largest permanent jewelry retailer in the U.S.)

Tips Before You Go

It’s best if your teen books an appointment with a reputable jeweler who sells permanent jewelry and has experts on sight who can professionally fit, weld, and adjust the jewelry, as needed. Also, be aware that some stores/jewelers may require anyone under 16 to be accompanied by an adult.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Your Teen Getting Permanent Jewelry?


The ease of permanent jewelry makes it attractive, and it certainly saves the wearer time by not having to put on and take off their favorite jewelry. Permanent jewelry can be a fun way for your teen to enjoy a little 24/7 sparkle and to commemorate a special event, life milestone, or cherished relationship, like a more grown-up version of a beaded or fabric friendship bracelet. Plus, let’s be honest… (most) teens love anything that’s ON TREND! 

Getting matching bracelets or anklets might be the perfect gift for friends graduating from middle or high school, for siblings, or for boyfriends/girlfriends as a display of their bond. It’s also a fun thing for moms and daughters to do!


On the other hand, it might not be the best choice for a teen who likes to mix up their jewelry look or who likes bigger, bolder pieces. Also, for anyone who might get annoyed by a piece of jewelry getting caught on clothing or their hair when they’re working out or playing a sport, permanent jewelry may not be for them.

And, since permanent jewelry is made from gold, which can sometimes contain a small amount of nickel, if your teen has a nickel allergy, they should avoid permanent jewelry. (Silver is not durable enough for permanent jewelry pieces.)


According to experts, be sure your teen leaves enough space to allow for any kind of swelling that might occur at wrists or ankles when they get overheated, injured, or have a growth spurt. Also, make sure they think carefully about the shape and sharp edges of any charms they might add on. (My daughter’s tiny lightning bolt charm on her bracelet often snags on woven fabrics.)

I know, as parents, we don’t sanction every trend our teen wants to jump on, but this is ONE trend that’s fun and safe! So, go ahead, let your teen get “zapped!” (Ahem… maybe you want to get zapped, too!)

About Marybeth Bock:

Marybeth Bock, MPH, is a Mom to two young adults and one delightful hound dog. She has logged time as a military spouse, childbirth educator, college instructor, and freelance writer. She lives in Arizona and thoroughly enjoys research and writing – as long as iced coffee is involved. Her work can be found on numerous websites and in two books. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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