Best Back-to-School Essentials to Get Your Teen Organized

Because, sometimes, our kids need a little help getting AND staying organized...

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: Best Back-to-School Essentials to Get Your Teen Organized

With the start of the school year just around the corner, you might be thinking about how you’re going to help your teen GET and STAY organized throughout the school year…

For a lot of teens, getting and staying organized throughout the school year can be challenging. And, it’s easy to see why. Keeping up with homework, deadlines, projects, sports, work schedules, extracurricular activities, chores, and other obligations is awfully hard for a still-developing brain!

That’s why we thought we’d round up a few organizational tools for teens to help them create more order and a whole lot less chaos in their lives. From backpack organizers and academic planners created just for students to notepads to keep track of all their tasks and handy (and pretty cool) tools to make life easier, we found a bunch of great organizational tools right on Amazon!

Whether your child is in middle school, high school, or college, I hope you find a few items to make their school year a little more organized. Check out these best back-to-school essentials to get your teen organized for the school year!

Best Back-To-School Essentials to Get Your Teen Organized

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Big Capacity Pencil Case (43K Positive Reviews on Amazon!)

It’s what every middle schooler, high schooler, and college kid needs… a pencil case that holds ALL their pencils, pens, highlighters, calculator, paper clips, small ruler, and any other “extras” they need for class. This handy case comes in 9 great colors and it has lots of compartments to keep everything organized.


2023-2024 Weekly/Monthly Academic Planner (10 Prints/Colors to Choose From – Available in 2 Sizes!)

The weekly pages on this planner offer plenty of space for teens and college kids to add all their homework assignments, deadlines, appointments, job schedules, sports schedules, and after-school activities so they can see it all in from of them. This planner also has cute stickers so they can personalize it! 


Weekly Tear-Off Sheets Planner (Because Writing it Down Commits It to Memory)

I know teens love to keep their schedules and to-do lists on their phones, but there’s really nothing like seeing everything in black and white. (Plus, when you write things down, it helps your brain commit it to memory!) This trendy and fun weekly planner lets them add their top goals for the week, top to-dos, and their weekly schedule all on one page. 


Make It Happen Notepad

Sometimes, all your teen really needs is a little notepad to jot down the important things on their to-do list. This Make It Happen notepad is the perfect size (5.75×6.25) so it doesn’t take up much room in their backpack or on their desk. Plus, it’s fun!


Large Capacity Backpack with Charging Port (25K Positive Reviews on Amazon) UNDER $40!

This is one of the coolest backpacks around and it’s priced right at under $40! It’s spacious and roomy so your teen or college kid won’t be short on space in this backpack. Plus, it has tons of pockets AND it comes in 26 great colors. (FYI, we have no control if the Amazon seller adjusts pricing). 



GRID-IT Organizer for Backpack

Seriously, one of the COOLEST little organizers we found! This handy organizer is basically a flat panel with a bunch of rubberized bands that hold ALL of your teen’s gadgets. It’s totally customizable and fits perfectly right in their backpack so they can store their Airbuds, sunglasses, pens, charger, and SO much more all in one place. Oh, and the best part? It’s not expensive!


Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook (12+ Colors to Choose From)

The Rocketbook Smart Notebook combines the best of notetaking and planning! This 42-page, erasable spiral notebook and planner allow for endless plans, notes, lists, and more! All handwritten notes can be saved to the free Rocketbook app and easily transferred to their cloud service of choice including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, iCloud, and more! 


Adjustable Wood Desktop Organizer (6 Colors to Choose From – 10K Positive Amazon Reviews)

Perfect for keeping all your teen’s binders, pencils/pens, folders, and other desk supplies organized and neat. Just place it on top of their desk for added space AND added organization. Priced right, too!


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52 Undated Weekly Planner Tear-Off Sheets with Habit Tracker

Does your teen have a hard time prioritizing important tasks and reaching their goals? This planner uses a proven method of helping them prioritize their TOP 3 tasks for the week so they can focus on what’s important. 


Foldable Laptop Desk with Cellphone Holder, Cup Holder, and Tray

If your teen loves to do all their homework and studying on their bed, this laptop desk will make it easy for them to keep everything organized and within reach. They’ll have a place to put their drink, cellphone and it even has a handy tray to store pens, pencils, and other small supplies. 


Order Out of Chaos Student Planner

Does your teen miss homework assignments due to poor planning or perhaps no planning at all? This planner lets them see all their school assignments and due dates right alongside all their sports, extracurricular, or weekend activities so they can see their FULL schedule and plan when to get schoolwork done. 


Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Trendy and super fun, this Rose Gold Desk Organizer is great for sprucing up your teen’s desk and organizing their notebooks, pens and pencils, sticky notes, and paper clips. 


3-Tier Cart Organizer

When you have supplies and books and notebooks and big Geometry books to keep organized, a 3-Tier Cart Organizer like this one can work wonders to keep everything within arm’s reach. Plus, if they decide to do their homework in the living room, on the back deck, or in their bedroom, they can easily move this cart around. 


4 Wall Grid Organizer Panels with Accessories

Not only are these grid organizer panels functional, but they’re also fun! Your teen can organize them any way they like and add hooks, baskets, and clips to keep everything accessible, visible, and within easy reach. 


4-Pack Expanding File Folder with 6 Pockets

Keep all their classes completely organized and separate with this 6-pocket (4-pack) expanding file folder. Label each section to help them stay organized and neat!


Label Maker Machine with Built-In Cutter

For all those school folders, binders, and files they have to keep organized, this priced-right label maker does the job. Plus, it’s fun to use!


3-Pack Floral Pocket Folders

To motivate our kids to get organized, we have to make it FUN and these 3-pack floral folders are fun, trendy, and functional. 


ADHD Planner (to Organize School, Sports, Work, Chores, and MORE!)

This undated weekly/monthly planner will help your ADHD student stay more focused, help organize their homework and schedule and be more productive. The planner includes a proven 13-week system that helps to avoid burnout by planning daily outlines, including downtime, on a visual planner for extended periods of time. This productivity planner will help your teen focus on the bigger picture as well as the little moments to keep driving forward.


16×20 Weekly Planner Dry Erase Whiteboard with Dry Erase Markers

Perfect for the student who wants to hang this over their home desk and see everything right in front of them. Now they’ll never miss that big deadline or assignment due date!


Fun Adulting To-Do List

Such a fun to-do list for kids and young adults! First… shower! The pad comes with 60 tear-off 6×9 sheets so they can keep track of the day and write down their most important tasks ahead.


Productivity and Organization Stickers

Now your teen or college student can organize their daily or weekly planner with fun and motivational stickers! With 22 sheets and a total of 966 stickers in all, they’ll have a sticker for every task, plan, and deadline!


GO Girl Planner (12 Colors to Choose From – 11k Positive Reviews)

Happiness, focus, harmony, motivation, passion, success productivity – it all comes together in this planner designed specifically for girls. The planner helps girls create a vision for their life and helps them define and break down their short and long-term goals in each area of their life while incorporating them into their daily, weekly, and monthly agenda. It helps them turn their dreams into reality!


Computer Monitor Riser with Shelf and Storage

Sometimes, aside from getting organized, what your teen really needs is more space so they can spread out and do their homework comfortably. This computer riser with a shelf and organization for pens, pencils, sticky notes, stapler and more will do the trick! It also has a slot so they can prop their phone up in front of them. 


Focus & Thrive: Executive Functioning Strategies for Teens

It takes executive functioning skills for teens to manage their daily lives, including organizing, planning ahead, and getting started (and keeping up with)  important tasks. Some kids thrive in this area while others have more difficulty. If your teen needs help developing executive functioning skills, this book can help. 


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