10 Funny Things You Start Doing When Your Kids Become Teenagers

When you have teenagers, they kind of "rub off" on ya

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: Funny Things You Start Doing When Your Kids Become Teenagers

My kids changed a ton when they became teenagers. I mean, every time I look at my son’s feet they seem to be getting bigger. And, my daughters are changing at lightning speed. But, truth be known, I’m changing right alongside them…

When you have teenagers, their “teenager-ish” ways start to rub off on you without you even realizing it. Suddenly, you’re doing and saying things that you never said before. Honestly, I can have a five-minute conversation with a woman behind me in the grocery checkout line and I can tell if she has teenagers by the way she talks. There are telltale signs, for sure! Here are a few funny things you start doing when your kids become teenagers.

10 Funny Things You Start Doing When Your Kids Become Teenagers

#1 Answering Texts with “K”

Looking back to my kids’ pre-teen years, I texted like a little old lady. I spelled out EVERY stinkin’ word! But hang around teenagers for a while and suddenly you start texting like a pro. “BTW, LMK what time to pick u up. IDK if I’ll be up so just call, K? TTYL, ILY. 

#2 Calling Them “Dude” Back

Dude… how many times have I asked you to pick up your wet towels?” It slipped! The look on my son’s face was priceless. “OMG, mom… don’t call me that. It’s so cringe.” But hey, when you’re hanging around teenagers day in and day out, you can’t help but inadvertently pick up on at least some of the lingo. You start saying things like, “Sup?” “Freaking out,” “Salty” and “Spill the tea.” 

#3 Listening to Their Music

I never thought I’d say this, but I really like the music my kids listen to. (Who woulda thunk?) Truth be known, they listen to my music just as much as I listen to theirs. One minute we’re jammin’ to Journey, The Cars or Bon Jovi and the next we’re crankin’ up Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce’ or Camila Cabello.  

#4 Closing Their Bedroom Door to Make the House Feel Cleaner

I used to run a pretty tight ship. My house was always pretty much picked up. I rarely went to bed with a pile of dirty dishes in the sink and my kids’ rooms were, for the most part, presentable.

But when your kids become teenagers and they suddenly become, well… total slobs, you really have to lower your “clean expectations” or you’ll go freaking insane. Now I just close their bedroom doors to make the house feel cleaner. 

#5 Getting Tons of Stuff Done When You’re Waiting in the Car for Them 

I can make three doctor’s appointments, listen to an inspirational Podcast, catch up with a few friends and do online shopping in the time it takes for my teen to come out. Of course, they said, “Come get me, I’m ready.” But their idea of “ready” typically means I’ll be waiting foreeeevvver for them to come out. 

#6 Watching Stupid Television Shows

I’m pretty sure I lost a few brain cells when I started watching “Love Island” with my (older) daughter. Seriously, it’s just so stupid. But my daughter loves it! Soooo, of course, I’m going to watch it with her. (Please send wine and Iburophen my way.)

#7 Saying Things Like, “Heyyyy, Giiiirrrrrlll”

It’s not just our teens who rub off on us, it’s all their friends, too. When one of my daughter’s friends popped over I caught myself saying, “Heyyyyy, Girl! OMG, I’ve missed you!” It wasn’t just that I said it. (I think lots of adults say it.), It was more how I said it. (You know, too teenagery.) Anyway, the disgusting look I got from my daughter made me realize that I’m really not cool and under no circumstances am I allowed to cross what she deems as “mom boundaries.” Lesson learned.

#8 Sleeping with One Eye Open

I mean, maybe not literally… but figuratively, parents of teens (especially mamas – the expert worriers in the family) are always on guard when our kids aren’t home. We don’t really rest easy until all our babies are snug as a bug, safe and sound in their beds under our roof. AND, even then, we worry… about everything, which means we’re probably never going to have a restful night’s sleep – like ever again!

#9 Bribing Your Kids

When my kids were younger, they actually enjoyed hanging out with me. In fact, even when I hopped in the car to run mundane errands or make a trip to the grocery store, they were eager to tag along just to be with me.

But then… they became teenagers. Now, getting them to hang out with me takes some serious bribing. “If you go with me, I’ll stop at Chick-fil-A and buy you lunch.” “I’m running to the mall… wanna come? There’s a new hoodie in it for ya if you do!” Hey… don’t judge me. I’ll do (almost) anything to grab a few minutes with my kiddos. 

#10 Letting Them Pick Out Your Clothes

I’ve been choosing my kids’ clothes since the day they were born and, up until a few years ago, I never got any flack about it. For the most part, they seemed to actually like what I picked out for them. But now that they’re teenagers, they’ve suddenly become fashion experts and now… they dress me. “Mooommm… OMG, don’t wear that. Wear this instead.” “Mooom, that’s not cool, get rid of that, TODAY!” I think I’m getting the hang of it because now my daughters are stealing my clothes… Ha! Go figure!

If I sat down and thought about it, I’m sure there are plenty of other things I started doing when my kids became teenagers. They really do have a way of rubbing off on you… like it or not!

Let’s swap “funny things you start doing when your kids become teenagers” stories! Share in the comments section below! 

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