9 Best Reusable Water Bottles for Back-to-School

Hydration is key to staying focused AND attentive

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: 9 Best Reusable Water Bottles for Back-to-School

With many schools returning to in-class instruction, you probably purchased your teen a few new clothes, maybe a new pair of athletic shoes and the necessary school supplies. But did you send your teen off to school with a water bottle? 

According to research, staying hydrated throughout the day can have a profound impact on our kids’ ability to stay focused and attentive throughout the day. One study found that when kids drank even as little as one cup of water before a test, their memory and visual attention was 34 percent higher than kids who didn’t drink water. The same kids performed 23 percent better on a more difficult version of a memory test. 

While staying hydrated throughout the day can’t be considered a substitute for studying, health experts agree, it increases cognitive function and can improve physical performance for those kids who head to practice after school. 

The bottom line is, water (and lots of it) is imperative to our kids’ overall health.

From insulated water bottles that keep drinks cold for hours to cool water bottles that track water intake, we rounded up a handful of the top teen-tested water bottles on the market. No matter what your kid’s hydration needs are, there’s a water bottle out there for them! Here are the best reusable water bottles for back-to-school.

9 Best Reusable Water Bottles for Back-to-School


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Brita Water Filter Bottle

We’re actually seeing this sleek water bottle pop up on high school and college campuses  – and with good reason! Seriously, not only does it look great, this baby has a built-in water filter so you can have great tasting water anytime, anywhere. Plus, think about how much money you’ll be saving on single-use water bottles (not to mention the fact that you’ll be saving the planet). It holds 26-ounces of water, comes in five great colors, and is sleek enough to fit in the side pocket of a backpack. 



S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The cool thing about S’well Water Bottles is that they have triple-layer insulation so it keeps drinks cold for a million hours (okay, maybe not a million – more like 40) and keeps hot drinks hot for up to 18 hours. Plus, they come in dozens of solids, prints, textures and fun designs, so there’s literally something for everyone. Perfect to pop in a backpack, take in the car or carry along to the gym or practice.



Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

If you’ve never heard of Iron Flask Water Bottles, you probably will soon. What makes these water bottles so darn cool and trendy is that they come with three different lids – yep… three! The Caribiner straw lid with 2 straws, a flip lid and a stainless steel lid. Plus, it’s designed to be “sweat-free!” It comes in six different sizes and, what we love is that it’s really reasonably priced compared to some of the other name-brand bottles. Available in lots of fun colors, too! 



Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This is definitely one of the more popular water bottles with teenagers right now (nothing scientific, just straight-up observation) mainly because, well…it’s cool and two, because it’s practically indestructible – perfect for teens who are hard on water bottles! It’s perfectly designed to keep your drink at the perfect temperature and it comes in lots of great colors. What also draws in teens is the fun stickers they can buy to decorate their water bottle. This isn’t the cheapest water bottle in town, but you can be sure if you invest in it, your teen will have it for years (that is, if they don’t lose it).



Yeti Rambler 20-Ounce Tumbler

Another hot water bottle right now is the Yeti Tumbler. (My kids carry Yeti water bottles.) It’s less expensive than Hydro Flask, but it still has all the design features teens want. It’s super durable, leakproof and keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Plus, it comes in lots of fun colors so they’ll be sure to find one that suits their style. This is a great grab n’ go water bottle they can pop in their backpack or take to practice, the gym or when they’re just hanging out with friends.



Motivational Fitness Sports Water Bottle

This motivational water bottle is the perfect choice for athletes and teens focused on their health and hydration. The fun motivational sayings along with time markers will make sure your teen boosts their daily water intake and reach their fitness goals. It flips open with one hand for convenience and is available in lots of fun colors. And, the best part is, it’s super reasonably priced! 



Que Collapsible Water Bottle

This clever little water bottle makes it easy to carry just about anywhere. Since it’s collapsible, it will fit easily in your teen’s pocket or backpack and then, they can just pop it open when they’re thirsty. It doesn’t have the insulation that some of the other water bottles have to keep drinks cold or hot, but it offers plenty of conveniences that make up for it.



CamelBak Eddy Vacuum-Insulated 20-Ounce

One of the best straw top bottles around, the CamelBak is great for athletes, teens who are always on the go or even for a day at the beach. The bottle is designed to deliver 25% more water per sip (pretty cool, huh?) so your teen will stay hydrated when they need it the most. With a price around $20 bucks (give or take) you really can’t go wrong with this durable water bottle. 


The COLDEST Water Bottle

Designed for athletes, high performers, and frankly, anyone who loves their drinks cold, the Coldest Water Bottle definitely does the trick! Stainless steel, double-wall and vacuum-sealed, this water bottle keeps drinks seriously cold for up to 36 hours (or more)! THIS is the grab n’ go bottle your basketball, gymnast, soccer or football player needs to keep their drink cold all day long and into practice after school. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty – something parents love to hear! 




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Hydro Cell USA November 4, 2021 - 1:10 pm

Awesome recommendations! Proper hydration is really important especially for teens and reusable water bottles are good for them since these are non-toxic.

Nancy Reynolds November 4, 2021 - 1:31 pm

Great to hear you approve! Thanks for your input!


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