Trust Me, Mamas, Being “Too Sensitive” is Your Superpower

It truly is your greatest gift to the world...

by Nancy Reynolds

This post: Trust Me, Mamas, Being “Too Sensitive” is Your Superpower

To every sensitive mom who feels deeply… I’m right there with you.

Many years ago, when I was a young mom, someone close to me told me I was too sensitive because I openly and honestly expressed my feelings.

It’s funny how you not only remember what people said to you, but exactly how you felt when they said it.

At the time, I was angry, hurt, and offended. I took it as straight-up criticism. (I took it in the manner in which it was delivered.)

I took it as though somehow being sensitive was a flaw in my personality. That I must be weak, fragile, easily broken, and unsteady.

If I’m too sensitive, then my thoughts, words, emotions, and feelings must be overshadowed and driven by the delicacy and fragility of my heart.

If I’m too sensitive, then I must be far too vulnerable and predisposed to tears and heartache, criticism, and fear.

If I’m too sensitive, I must be damaged goods…

Years later, with mounds of life lessons under my belt and decades of life as a mother, wife, sister, friend, and co-worker, I’ve learned.

Being sensitive is not a symptom of weakness…

It’s not a flaw, shortcoming, or imperfection that needs to be fixed.

It’s not something to be ashamed of or something you should aim to hide from the world.

Being sensitive is a magnificent and glorious trademark of people who are alive and compassionate, empathetic and authentic.

As stoic as I am at times, as strong as life has taught me to be, as steadfast and unwavering, persistent and unfaltering as I have proven to be, and as many times as my tender heart has been hurt, I’ve somehow also remained sensitive and compassionate and forgiving and loving through it all and, for that, I’m grateful.

Being sensitive has allowed me to love my children with everything I’ve got, to express my emotions openly so I can fill their hearts with love, to feel what they’re feeling from the depths of my heart – every skinned knee, every heartache, every lost win, every victory, every failed test, every breakup.

Being sensitive has allowed me to wear my heart on my sleeve with my husband, and to communicate openly, honestly, and without reservation so we can weather the ups and downs, highs and lows of our marriage.

Being sensitive has allowed me to feel the happiness and heartache of others – even those I’ve never met – to feel their pain, to feel their joy, to understand their struggles, and to laugh, cheer and cry right alongside them.

Being sensitive has made me a better mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, co-worker, and a better human being.

Being sensitive is truly my superpower.

Being sensitive has been a precious gift…

To every mom who has ever been told she’s too sensitive. The next time someone looks you in the eye and tells you you’re too sensitive, say, “Thank you.”

Because if you’re sensitive it means you’re feeling. It means you care. It means that things and people and events and wrongdoings matter to you – deeply.

It means that wonderful heart of yours feels and cares and loves the way God intended. It means you’re passing along your raw authenticity to those around you – something our world could use a little more of.

It means you’re setting an example of what love and compassion truly is.

Don’t let anyone numb your senses, don’t let anyone take away your passion, and don’t let anyone dim that beautiful, amazing, genuine light you’re shining on this world.

Be your sensitive self. Wear it proudly. Wear that wonderful sensitive, deep-feeling heart of yours on your sleeve… always.

Because your sensitivity isn’t your weakness… it is your greatest strength and gift to your family, to your friends, to perfect strangers, and to the world.

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