12 Great Podcasts for Parents of Teens: Advice from Experts

Because you don't have to go it alone...

by Nancy Reynolds


This post: 12 Great Podcasts for Parents of Teens: Advice from Experts

Written by: Ali Flynn

Life with teenagers can be, well… challenging, to say the least. Sure it’s rewarding and amazing to have a front-row seat on our kid’s road to adulthood. But boy, oh boy, that bumpy road can wear us the heck out, can’t it?

Because let’s be honest, raising teens is hard

There’s no reason why any one of us needs to go it alone when raising our teens. There is so much amazing information available to parents of teens, one of which is podcasts!

Podcasts are a great way to find support, tips and tools for strengthening your relationship with your teen, help you better understand the massive changes happening in your teen’s brain and body, and guide you through daily life as a parent in our ever-changing world. 

From helping your teen deal with anxiety or depression and tips to keep your teen safe in the world of social media to advice on how to get your teen out of their bedroom and into the real world and the best ways to discipline your teen effectively – it’s all available at your fingertips. 

Whether you listen while you’re sitting in the car waiting for your teen to come out of practice (plenty of time to spare there, right?), you grab your earbuds and listen while you take a walk or tune in when you’re folding laundry, you’ll find plenty of powerful and insightful tips and tools to guide you through life with your teen.

Check out these 12 great podcasts for parents of teens… awesome advice from experts who can help.

12 Great Podcasts for Parents of Teens: Advice from Experts


#1 Ask Lisa

We all know that raising teenagers can be stressful, exhausting, and downright frustrating – not to mention the fact that it can leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about parenting.  Dr. Lisa Damour, author of the hugely popular best-selling books Untangled and Under Pressure is here to help. She brings her sane, informed, practical perspective to your parenting questions to empower you in parenting your teen. Lisa along with co-host Reena Ninan, are sure to get you the answers you need. Topics include, “I Hate Nagging My Teen, What Else Works?” and “How Do I Get My Teen To Take School More Seriously?”

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#2 The Parenting Teens Solutions Podcast with Phinnah Chichi

Are you struggling to understand the changes in your teen? Are you worried about the communication gap between you and your teen? Are you upset about the lack of motivation in your teen? Nearly every parent experiences this at some point on their teen’s adolescent journey. Phinnah Chichi is here to share, encourage and inspire you to create a stronger, lasting bond with your teen by helping you understand the crazy and amazing changes they’re going through.  Topics include: “How to Get Your Teen to Open Up to You,” “How to Support Your Tween/Teen During Their Mood Swings, and “The Power of Listening to Your Teen.”

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#3 Launching Your Daughter

The host of “Launching Your Daughter” podcast, Nicole Burgess, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, transpersonal psychotherapist, parent educator, and adolescent mentor. The podcast was created as a support for parents “in empowering their tween and teen girls as they prepare for young adulthood.” A broad range of topics are covered in this great podcast, including “Ways for Teen Girls to Manage Emotions” and “Talk Sex with Your Teen.” For more information, visit Nicole’s website at NicoleBurgess/LaunchingYourDaughter.com

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#4 Mighty Parenting

Any parent of teens knows that when your kids become teenagers, parenting becomes a whole new ballgame. Everything seems bigger – from your teen’s emotions and problems to their mistakes and their feet. Coupled with the challenges they face with technology, social media, peer pressure, the unrelenting push to excel and the speed of life, life with teens is challenging, to say the least. For real talk filled with relevant scenarios about raising teens and parenting young adults, tune into the popular Mighty Parenting Podcast. Topics include: “Boys and Body Image,” How to Help Our Sleep-Deprived Teenagers,” and “How to Set Boundaries for Teens.”

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#5 Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam

Why just try to “survive” the teen years, when the whole family can thrive? That’s the premise behind Dr. Cam’s popular podcast deemed as THE podcast for determined yet frustrated parents who struggle with connecting and communicating with their teens. In each episode, Dr. Cam, Adolescent Psychologist and Certified Family Success Coach Ph.D., guides parents just like you through the land of the teenage mind by offering practical tips, simple solutions to your greatest worries, and words of encouragement. Download a free guide to motivating unmotivated teens at www.askdrcam.com/motivateteens.

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#6 Parents Navigating the Teen Years

This podcast is hosted by Ed Gerety, Top Motivational Speaker/Author, CSP. He focuses on the toughest issues facing our teens today and how parents can guide kids along this journey. His goal is to help our teens “succeed in school and in life.” Gerety brings in award-winning educators, authors, and special guests to provide real-world, relevant, and helpful advice, solutions, and inspiration to help your raise your teen in today’s ever-changing world. Topics include: “Communication Tips to Boost Your Relationship with Your Teen,” “Skills Teens Should Develop Before Going to College,” and “Understanding How the Teen Brain Actually Works.”

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#7 Talking to Teens

Parent-teen researcher, Andy Earle, talks with various parenting experts about the art and science of raising teenagers. Slated as one of the best podcasts for parenting teens, here you’ll find great advice, insight into your greatest concerns, and a little science along the way to help you better understand your teen and their behavior. A few topics include: “Handling Self-Centered Teenagers,” “Happy Brain Chemicals and Teen Behavior,” and “Sex Hormones and Your Teen’s Brain.”

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#8 Light the Fight Parenting Podcast

Looking for ways to connect with your teen? The hosts of this podcast, Heidi Swapp, wife, mom, and influencer of women, (along with being a mom who has lost a son to suicide), and David Kozlowski, a licensed marriage and family therapist bring the parent/teen relationship to light. “The unique combination of relatable info, their sense of humor, and honest expression through personal stories makes this show a ‘must listen’ for parents who are genuinely looking for help to connect with their kids, and improve the quality of their relationships.” Topics include: “Creating Order Despite the Chaos,” and “How Not to Be Awkward When Talking to Teens.”

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#9 The Puberty Podcast

Dr. Cara Natterson and Vanessa Kroll Bennett, known as the puberty experts, weave together scientific research, parenting strategies, and hilarious stories to help guide parents on their kid’s journey through puberty. Each episode takes on one piece of the messy journey, offering both real and practical insight, tips, and advice to make it all so much easier for both kids and parents. A few topics include: “WHAT NOW? Is this puberty?” “The Emotional Whiplash of Launching a Kid,” and “Giving Parents a Compass.”

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#10 Hope For Parents with Struggling Teens

If you’ve done everything in your power to be a great parent, but your teen is still struggling, this is the podcast for you. Host, Brandon Joffe, reassures parents that they’re not alone and that they’re not failing – parenting teens is just plain hard! Whether your child is struggling from depression, anxiety, or simply struggling to keep up with life as a teenager in today’s complicated world, you’ll find the support you need and the interventions that work here. A few topics include: “Putting Your Relationship First,” “Setting Boundaries,” and “Getting Your Teen the Help They Need.”

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#11 Their Own Devices

No matter how tech-savvy you are, your kids likely have you beat. Teens today are growing up in a world far different than previous generations. As parents, we can either sit back and continue to be hopelessly bewildered or we can jump on board the tech wagon and learn as much as we can to help guide and protect our kids. Join Marc Groman, an Obama White House tech and privacy adviser, and David Reitman, an adolescent medical doctor, for candid discussions and helpful tips about screen time, social media, sexting, privacy, online gaming, and other challenges facing parents today. Marc and David aren’t just experts — they’re also married and raising a teenage son of their own. Topics include: “Different Homes, Different Devices, Different Rules,” “There’s No Delete Button on the Internet,” and “Talking About Cyber Hate.”

Listen to the Podcast HERE


#12 Parenting Today’s Teens with Mark Gregston

With close to 600 episodes and a 4.9-star rating, Mark Gregston has an uncanny way of getting to the heart of what parents of teens want and need to know. A parenting expert who has worked with teens and parents for more than 45 years, Mark’s podcast episodes are enlightening, relevant, practical, and downright honest. He’s wonderful at helping families get to a better place with their teens and helping them strengthen the bond they share, one day at a time. Subjects include: “Getting Your Teen Out of Their Room and Into the Real World,” “Letting Your Teen Speak for Themselves,” and “The Dos and Don’t of Discipline.”

Listen to the Podcast HERE

So grab your earbuds, settle back and gather a few tips from experts who know exactly what you’re going through with your teen!

Ali Flynn is excited to share with you the joys and hardships of motherhood with an open heart, laughter, and some tears. Ali is a monthly guest contributor for Westchester County Moms and has been seen on Filter Free Parents, Grown and Flown, Today Parents, The Mighty, Her View From Home, and His View From Home, where she shares inspirational stories about motherhood while keeping it real. You can also find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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Share your thoughts in the comments section below! What are some great podcasts for parents of teens that you listen to?

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